Amazing the difference one day makes.  It’s Mother’s Day which makes me feel special anyway, plus I got some gifts and love from several people.

After several prayers yesterday, I finally started reading the book The Secret.  And it gave me a whole new attitude.  I feel very grateful for finding it when I did.  I immediately began to feel better and put into practice stuff that the authors recommended.  Already I feel lighter and happier and more thankful.  I just know that things are going to be fine now.  I’m putting out there what I want and it will happen.  The law of attraction.  I’m only halfway through the book, so I definitely need to finish the rest when i’m done with this blog.

This morning, the law was already working.  Red and I found like a dozen 4 leaf clovers.  Then we went to the gas station to get lotto tickets and she won either $10 or $100 it was hard to tell.  I won $1!  Hahah.  So the universe (God) is showing me the way to get what I want and need.  I’m still anxious at times, but it’s a physical feeling and I try my best to rid myself of it before it goes to my head.


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