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Free cake! Free cake!

Well I thought I overreacted on the last post because I had been running fairly normally after taking 3 days off… in a row.  The horror!  I got in 42 miles last week but my longest run was 8 miles.  I planned on doing 12 on Sunday, but I seem to have caught a cold, so I pushed it to Monday.  Because my body defeats colds in one day, right?

Well Monday morning, my head still felt heavy as hell, so I laid on the couch on watched Arrested Development.  I started to perk up though and then ended up running 10 miles on my treadmill.  I thought, heck, let’s go ahead and make this my long run from last week.  So Red woke up from her nap and we ran another 2.5 in her stroller.  Did I fail to mention that my foot started throbbing around mile 5 of this run?  Cause it did.  And now I’m back to where I started.  Icing and praying and rubbing my foot at work, creating awkward situations.  In desperation, and after running another painful 6 miles this morning, I finally called my doctor.  He’s going to be like, your foot hurts again?  Here’s some extra strength naproxen.  Stop whining.  I am also going to call my chiro and make them ultrasound it because I’m starting to join their cult and believe in their whackadoodle therapies.  I’m still pretty sure it’s just a weird muscle strain or something but I love to fool myself.  I also love to be pessimistic and believe that I won’t be able to run a marathon this fall.  Just one more PR before I get fat and knocked up again…pretty please?!

Red has been really funny lately.  She still doesn’t say many actual words and the ones she does say are always exclamations!  Whoa!  Uh-oh!  Oh No!  Wow!  Yay!  Hi! Henry!  Dog/dad..these sound exactly the same.  That’s about it.  I bet when she does start talking she’s going to say some crazy shit.  Can’t wait.


if I woke up lookin’ like that, I would just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it.

Despite my many conditions and ailments, I ran a half marathon yesterday.  And I PR’ed. 

I waited til the last minute to register, again.  I did the same thing last year.  I was more nervous about finding parking than the actual race, which was a nice change of pace from last weekend when I was nervous as haaaale. 

I jogged for less than a minute as a warmup.  The gun went off and I started to remember the course as we ran it.  We make a turn right after the first mile marker and basically run up a huge hill for 800 meters.  After that, I was warmed up and ready to go.  Nothing was hurting me at this point.  I didn’t pay much attention to the course and I didn’t listen to music for the next 8 miles.  My shoulder started cramping up again after just 4 miles!  I must have horrible posture because this is becoming a real issue.  When we got down by the river, the wind really picked up and I started to feel sciatic twinges in my right glute and hamstring.  I just kept telling myself, mind over matter, and that actually helped.  Surprisingly optimistic outlook from a pessimist like myself. 

I did not pass nor get passed by a women since the 2nd mile.  We did an out and back and I saw several in front of me, but I wasn’t sure how many.  We had another hill right near the end and then we turned and ran down into the stadium for the finish.  Unfortunately we had to run nearly a whole lap to the finish line.  I came in at 1:36:33 or something like that.  All finishers got a medal and flowers.  I can’t remember where I planted my flowers last year, but the medal was cooler this year. 

Today I am pretty sure I have a stress fracture on the top of my foot.  All yesterday I kept dreaming of PRs and being awesome all summer long.  I guess I was ignoring the nagging pain.  Then when I woke up, it was screaming.  I taped it up and took Red for a walk anyway.  I’m sure taping it is the best thing for a stress fracture right?  JK.  So I’m really not sure when I will call the doctor because I really don’t want to hear that I can’t run for 6 weeks.  My shoulder is really sore too but at least my chiro can look at that tomorrow.  big SIGH.

So all of this overshadows the fact that I got a PR and 8th woman overall.  I was about 3 minutes faster than last year (when I got 4th overall ) but I was coming off a really bad wonky knee episode last year.  I’m getting really frustrated that my age group seems to be getting faster and faster.  New fast people seem to be converging on the 30-34 AG.  I need to stop comparing myself to others and just work on getting PRs, but it’s hard. 

fugg i need a haircut.  Im rocking retro bieber hair. 

imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light

My knees feel slightly better and this is without any NSAIDs, just with foam rolling and stretching.  They seem to feel okay in the morning while I run and then, as the day goes on, they feel worse.  Probably because I’ve been walking a lot, pushing Red in her trike and climbing stuff at the park.  I messaged a chiro friend to see if he knew anyone who is trained in the Graston Technique.  Sounds like Medeival torture.  I’m into it.

I ran 16 miles on Sunday.  I was stiff from the 5k, so it definitely felt like the last 16 miles of a marathon.  I figure that’s good enough and I should be ready for the next race, whether it be 25k or 26 m.  I ran by the track where the 24 hour run was being held and tried to motivate myself.  Didn’t really work.  It was the last hours of it, so they were all walking anyway.

I am mad craving some Doritos right now.  A sure sign that my .  is about to start.  Plus I ran 7 fast miles on the mill this morning and running fast always makes me more ravenous than running far.  I think treadmill running is better for my IT band, but gosh dang it’s so beautiful out this week.

I’m trying to find a better pair of shoes for my running.  We don’t have a fancy running store that will analyze your gait and pick a shoe for you.  I still love my Nike frees but I’m afraid they are making my situation worse.  I hate shoes with any type of cushioning.

So I prepaid for another dog from a shelter.  It’s a corgi mix that is being brought up from freaking MIAMI.  Apparently the shelter there is so over run with dogs and cats that they euth them after they have been there for just 2 weeks!  So some non profits go in and save a bunch to transport them to no-kill shelters around the country.  The dog’s name is Negra, which obviously is Spanish, but not something I want to be yelling in my yard.  I have been coming up with other possibilities.  I am very worried that it’s not going to work out because 1- RKY doesn’t know.  2- Henry is possessive of me and super jealous.  Praying it works out somehow.  Will pick her up next week.


i know you wanna slump up on these lumps

Short 5k update. 

After warming up I pretty much threw all expectations out the window.  My legs felt like jelly and I suspect it was from this unexpected stomach flu that had me emptied out. 

The first mile I was going pretty fast and I could see two women ahead of me most of the time.  They just kept slipping away.  The second mile I started to feel like I might black out but I just told myself mind over matter and it went away pretty quickly.  My legs didn’t feel like they were moving very fast and I could feel them slowing down.  Sometime in the third mile, another woman passed me and she was looking strong, so I knew I wasn’t going to earn any prize money.  Luckily I was able to finish strong and I think my time was 20:17.  I honestly was expecting it to be almost 22, because there were no clocks on the course and I felt slow.  So I was pretty pleased with my time because this was a very hilly race and I am hopeful the next 5k will be under 20. 

I ran back and found my sister who was doing her first 5k EVER.  So I ran/walked with her and she finished in 44 minutes. 

Tomorrow is a 16 miler to prep for the next marathon.  There is a half next Sunday that I am considering, but I will have to see how my knees feel about that. 


It represents my lifestyle and status as a street-savvy irreverant youth who lives large

My 5k is tomorrow.  I have been stressing way too much over it.  Who cares if I break 20 or not?  When I did, I didn’t even realize it was a thing.  I never even kept track of my PRs until stupid athlinks came around.  Anyway, the weather is supposed to be craptastic as it has been the past couple of days.  At least we didn’t get massive amounts of snow like most of Iowa. 

I have had knee issues for about 3 years now, but always in my right knee.  Now my left is feeling wonky.  I hate it.  I think some strength training would probably help but my lazy ass won’t do it.  I’ll be running with two knee bands tomorrow.  Very fashionable.

I still haven’t decided if I am going to do the full marathon or the 25k in two weeks.  It will surely depend on said knee and my motivation. 

We are having a firefighter presentation at work today for the preschoolers.  They are scaring the children.  I busted out laughing when the guy said to leave your pets in your burning house.  “You can always buy a new cat or dog, but you can’t buy a new you.”  I would definitely run out of the house screaming bye Tater! Bye Henry!  Love you, but you’re replaceable. 

My boss came out of the office and said he didn’t want to do any work today. 

I’m not sure how that is different from other days, but I’m with him on that feeling.