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Don’t peel me, I’m not a banana

Pfffffft.  That’s about how I feel right now with running.  I suck at it.

Race for the Cure 5k was on Saturday.  I ran a 20:12 on a hilly course earlier in May, so I was expecting my time to improve.  I was WRONG.  So what happened?  What excuse do I have?  The course was super flat and familiar.  Weather was pretty nice.  In the 70s.  I ate a good breakfast.  Didn’t drink all that much because I didn’t want to use the portapotty, but that is always my race day strategy.  Things that went wrong-  I didn’t sleep that well because Red had night terrors, but I still got a decent amount I think.  It must boil down to me having my period and not wearing my lucky shoes?  Gahhh.  I didn’t push myself like I could have.  So my time was like 20:35.  That’s like 6:40 avg pace.  Yesterday I ran 4 miles at that exact same pace.  So irritating.  I have no planned 5ks until fall, just my usual 4 and 7 miler in July.  Hopefully I will fare better at those races.  Hoping for a 26:xx at the 4 miler and under 50 at the 7.  Really depends on the weather and, as I found out last year during July, the state of my sinuses.

After the race I ran about 2.5 miles on the bike path near the finish and then hopped in my car.  Came back home and ran another 4.5.  Then, while Red napped a few hours later, I ran another 4 on the treadmill.  That put me at 14 for the day.  Ran 7 on Sunday, 4 on Monday, 10 today, and will finally give my weary legs a rest tomorrow.  I will be out of town next week for work (ew), so I am hoping for long runs this weekend and on Monday before I leave so I can take it easy while I’m there.  Also I don’t want to get lost/mugged/raped etc. in a strange town.  Wait… I don’t want that to happen anywhere


I am no longer a Mother-boy, I am a Mother-man!

Well that darn foot is still bothering me.  I went to the Dr on Thursday and they never called me with results, so I guess it’s ok in terms of bones.  The chiro adjusted and ultrasounded it yesterday.  Wrapping it seems to help but then I wake up in the middle of the night and my heel is throbbing so I have to tear it off.  I must wrap it too tight.  It felt ok while I ran this morning until I rolled my ankle and nearly tumbled into a parked car.  It’s very irritating.  I need to get it cleared up as I start long runs again this weekend.  I have Race for the Cure on Saturday which will be part of my 14 miler.  The weather should be great since it is unusually cool, so maybe a sub 20 is in my grasp.

Corgi #2 almost died on Sunday morning.  It was my off day, so the corgis woke me up at 6 for a feeding.  I stumbled to the kitchen, fed them and opened the back door.  Woke up again and both were snoozing with me on the couch so I sent them outside again.  As I was getting some water, I saw a couple jogging with a yellow lab.  I squinted at them to see if I recognized them when suddenly a little dog came running up beside them…my dog!  I ran out the front door and yelled for him to come, and, being the good boy he is, he came.  But so did a car.  The car was far enough away that I hoped they would stop…not stopping..not stopping….me screaming STOP!  Joggers screaming NOOOO!  Finally the car screeches to a stop about 4 inches from Henry.  Luckily, the usually busy street was quiet, so he was able to run safely across the other lane, where I stood shaking, and directly onto our porch.
Once he got inside, I was so relieved that he was ok, that I barely remembered to scold him.  Apparently the fence’s gate blew open in the middle of the night, which is kind of odd because it has a latch and a pole that goes through it.  I feel very blessed that everything happened with perfect timing so that he ended up ok.  I mean really…they didn’t run away while I slept from 6-7…I just happened to be looking out the window and see Henry… the car stopped JUST in time.  Thank You