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Complete 180

So I am running Boston.  Or let’s just say, I am planning on running Boston.  Ever since I made the decision to do it, I have been having anxiety over something happening before I leave, or me getting injured or sick.  I also have a terrible fear that I will miss my flight to Boston and not make it to the expo to pick up my bib.  I am arriving on Sunday which is the last day to do it.  And the expo closes at 6.  I think I will get over there right away so I have some peace of mind.  And then I have anxiety about the whole starting situation.  I have to walk to Boston Common and wait in line for the buses.  I have to board between 7-7:35 but I don’t know if that means that I need to get there earlier to line up?  And if I do end up on a bus at 8, I should still get there on time right?   I mean, it seems like I will have another 2 hour + wait in Hopkinton.  With me being so anti social, that sounds like another bit of a nightmare. Combine that with the No Bags rule (where am I going to put my breakfast?  What am I going to eat for breakfast?!) and I am just a little bit nervous. Can you tell I am not taking my anxiety meds?

So how did I decide to do it?  Well I went to my Dr’s appointment and asked him about running it.  He said I would be fine as long as I wasn’t gunning for a PR.  I told him I had plans to walk and I was perfectly OK with skipping out on the course and taking a train back to Boston.  Given my current mileage, he wasn’t worried at all.  So then I did some “research” AKA googling on running a marathon while pregnant.  While it’s not something I really wanted to do, it seems like there are a lot of women who have done it and even done it multiple times in one pregnancy.  I will be 16 weeks and I might have a tiny bump, so I felt like I had better get my running in before the sciatica hits me again when I get bigger.

So that left me with a lot of training and not a lot of time.  I had done 14 miles but it had been 3-4 weeks prior.  My appointment was on a Thursday.  On Saturday I decided to run 16.  It ended up being all on the treadmill thanks to another ice storm.  And it also ended up being 18 miles.  I felt really good.  I credit the delicious Chicago style pizza I ate the night before.  I also walked or jogged for a minute every 1.5 miles and got off to get water a few times.  It was very motivating and got me pumped and excited to be running long.

The next week I had on and off nausea but it was beginning to improve.  I think the worst weeks were 5-10.  I planned to do 19 on Saturday.  The weather was still cold, but I was able to get outside and I ran combo treadmill/outside miles.  I think I started with 5 miles on the treadmill and then I went outside for 5, came in for 2, went back outside for 5.5 and then finished with the last two on the treadmill.  I got to 19.6 miles or so before I had to stop so RKY could get ready for work and I could take over watching Red.

The next weekend was my 20 miler and then I planned on tapering for 4 weeks.  I again had a time limit and needed to be done by 8, so I woke up at 445 and got started by 5.  I followed the same pattern as last time and started with 5 inside then went outside for 5.5, back inside for 2.5, outside for 5, and inside to finish up.  I ended up with 20.2 miles.  This one was more of a struggle than the last two because my legs felt tired.

This past weekend I did a long run of 16 miles.  This was possibly more painful legwise than my other long runs.  I was also getting really hungry while running even though I was eating a pop tart and peanut butter when I got water.  My appetite has really come on this week.  Nonetheless I got in the 16.2 and was back to my normal pace, just under 8 min/mile.  I remember staying pretty consistently in the 730s/mile during my second tri last time I was pregnant, until the sciatica hit me, ugh.

Today I am doing a rest day because, hello long run yesterday.  I had planned on doing some easy miles this morning to get to 50 miles this week, but my wonky knee just started hurting again.  It was perfectly fine until after yesterdays run.  I blame the cold wet weather for giving me stiffness in my joints.  I am hoping this will go away and not cause me any issues.  I need to break out the knee strap and foam roller again.

Five days until my next doctor’s appointment.  Seven days until the second trimester.  Twenty-two days until Boston Marathon!