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So i ran a marathon, and I sort of hated it

So yes, I did finish the marathon on Saturday.  Showing up that morning, I still lacked motivation but at least my knee felt less wonky.  As I got there and surveyed the course, I felt my stomach drop out a bit and I realized that I was going to have to run this loop 26 times.  Around a “park” that was really just a bunch of grass and some baseball diamonds.  However, it was very well organized and our timing chips, as well as in person counters kept track of the laps for us.

We got started and I immediately could not feel my feet.  They were numb from the cold for about 5 miles.  I went out way too fast, partly due to this and partly because I wasn’t really sure how far I was going to run.  I was still wavering on whether or not to do the whole thing.  We did the first lap with an added little leg of .2 in about 8:40.  I don’t remember where I was for any of the other miles, until the half when I was at 1:42.  Anyways, around mile 8 I was bored.  I was not into it mentally, at all.  I tried an audiobook.  Didn’t help.  Finally put some music on around mile 10 but I don’t recall really listening to any of it.  The only thing I listened to was the mental conversation I was having in my head.  Should I stop after 13 laps, or should I make this a long run?  16 or 20 laps?  My upper back started to cramp up really bad around mile 12 and I was pretty sure that was the end for me.  I stopped to use the porta johns  and sat there contemplating what to do.  Finally I decided to keep going and at least get to 20 miles.  Somewhere after mile 15 I decided that my legs were fine and if I just kept going and stopped to drink water, I would be fine.  I think the water did help my cramps, but they never went completely away.  I usually hold my iPod, but I tucked it into my shirt and that helped the back pain too.

I decided my ultimate goal would just be to finish and if I had to stop and rub my shoulders or back, or walk, then so be it.  My legs felt fine, but I did stop and massage my shoulders, stretch my hamstrings, and took a couple more walk breaks.  So many people were run/walking at this point, I didn’t care.  They kind of motivated me because I knew they would be out there for a lot longer than I was, and I they showed no signs of giving up.  Finally when I hit mile 20, I knew for sure that I would finish.  I went through mile 23 at 3:08 and thought that was pretty good, I could probably hold 9 minute miles through the last three, but course I stopped to use the bathroom again.  Mile 25 was probably around 8:30 and then mile 26 was probably around 8 so I finished in 3:34:29.  Another BQ, but no PR.  I figured that I took it easy enough that April’s marathon could be a PR, but boy am I sore today.  Probably from the cold.  My quads are screaming.

Well this morning I ran 3 slow painful miles on the treadmill, only because I have a 3 hour car ride later today.  Will be out of town until Thursday evening for work crap.  Will be missing my Red and corgis.


oh no! my gumballs!

Leaving for Indiana in an hour.  Everything in my body still feels out of whack.  I hate you body.  Got ultrasounds on my IT band and adjusted the past two days.  Sometimes I think the adjustments make me feel worse.

I’m supposed to be carbo loading but for some reason I was unloading into the toilet yesterday morning.  Hopefully that was just food poisoning.  I mean, I ate KFC the night before, I knew what the risks were.

The Dr decided that Red had enough of a soft spot left that they could do an ultrasound instead.  So that is what they did.  But it was still awful and RKY will probably be sore from trying to hold her down.  He held her upper body and I held her lower as she cried herself into a tizzy and tried to kick the sonographer or whatever she’s called.  They gave her three stickers and kicked us out ASAP.  The radiologist said everything looked good but he will look closer and give a full report to the doc.

So either I will run a marathon on Saturday, or I will sob in my car all the way back to Iowa.  The choice is yours, body

I’m gonna kick your butt! Not that I’m thinking of butts..

I’m going to put this nicely.  I am in a poop mood today.  This past weekend was odd.  Red had a terrible day on Saturday, fit after fit after fit.  She even got mad at my dad and threw her pacifier down their hallway then chased after it and flung herself on the floor in a fit of rage.  It was actually pretty hilarious, but it stopped being funny after her 5th meltdown of the day.  She also pretty much ruined my nephew’s party during the 40 minutes we were there.  I chalked it up to her having awoken at 6:30.  She was fine yesterday, pretty fun except before and right after her nap. 

Today was her 18 month check up.  It went about as well as I expected.  We left with her red faced, sobbing and hiccuping.  The doctor is so nice, but she hates his guts.  Anyway, two things came out of that appointment.  One, she has a  mild ear infection, so that may explain some of Saturday.  Two, her head is at the 99.6 percentile which means she needs to have CAT scan to make sure there is no fluid on her brain.  Because my family is full of giant heads (and brains 🙂 ) I am not too worried.  Even if there is excess fluid, it is treatable.

In running news, I feel pretty terrible.  Everything was la di da I’m going to PR about 2 weeks ago.  Then my knee went wonky again, but in a different way.  In a more painful way than usual.  I have been doing everything I can to get it back to normal.  I only ran 4 days last week.  I have been running slower and shorter, missed my last “long run” of 8 miles.  I finally ran 5 last night but it was not pain free.  Then I foam rolled, iced, used k tape, put a topical pain reliever on it, and took 2 ibuprofen.  I ran again this morning and went through the same routine.  I am also wearing a compression knee sleeve and have an appointment with the chiro tomorrow because something is out in my back.  Im hoping she will fix it and it will fix my knee pain and i will kiss her on the lips.  But that probably won’t happen. 

So, the marathon on Saturday… yes I am still planning on running it.  I have no idea what my goal will be.  The weather will be in the 30s so that will be another strike against me.  Maybe i won’t run all of it.  It’s a low key event, so I could easily skip out and call it a long run or whatever.  There are two more marathons in the area in April and May, so maybe it would be for the best anyway.  Blah

I’d rather be dancin’ with some babes!

It’s been over a week since I did my last long run for my upcoming marathon.  I remember that it was really cold and that miles 11-14 were the hardest, for some reason.  I ended up running about 21 miles total.  I felt really good after and went to my chiro appointment.

I was super excited to get adjusted after shoveling god knows how many pounds of snow over the past few days.  Well she must not have done much for me, because my back still feels like shit and now my knee is being wonky again.  I had 2 or 3 wonky free weeks and now it’s back even though I’ve been rolling like a MoFo.  Hopefully tapering will help, though this week I still ended up running over 50 miles, a lot of it on uneven snowy terrain.  We got another 4 or 5 inches which was actually much less than what they originally predicted. Was totally expecting a snow day, woke up, looked outside, and raged.

Now it’s just raining all weekend long and I’m stuck inside with Red while RKY hangs out in Chicago.  I was overly excited to sleep on the couch last night.

He never lets me, but it’s my favorite sleeping spot.

Work has been wayyy too stressful for me lately so I am not even going to go there.  In the blog.  Physically, yes i will go there.  Because I have to.  But I won’t like it.