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Do not try to swim to Europe

Another race weekend come and gone in a flash.  Seriously, every single race just goes by so fast these days.  Not that my pace was terribly fast, but it’s just like, over so soon.  

I went to packet pick up on Friday and got my 15 yr anniversary pin.  Seriously, that makes me feel old as balls.  This is the first year they had technical shirts, but the design still leaves something to be desired.  I would actually prefer a soft cotton tee with a cool design.

Saturday morning I drank water as soon as I woke up and then went to the bathroom three times before I left.  I picked up my mom and we headed downtown.  Got there about 45 minutes early and started to walk towards the starting corrals.  We found some empty port a johns so I went one more time, just to make sure.  

The temperature was pretty nice, around 70 with a cool breeze.  Humidity was pretty high which caused me to sweat a lot, but at least the breeze was cool and the sun hid behind clouds most of the race.  I went into my corral about 10 minutes before the start and was able to maneuver up to a much better position than last year.  After some fanfare, we started and I crossed the start line in maybe 20 seconds or so.  I turned on my new iPod shuffle but I am still not really used to using it and ended up on the wrong playlist.  

The first half mile is up hill.  Like, a big ass hill.  Normally I am too busy trying to go fast and dodging people to notice.  This year, I noticed.  My hip hurt and I was huffing and puffing.  Pregnancy will do that to ya.  We finally crested the dang hill and I was pretty discouraged.  I was happy to hear my first mile at 8:27 which was right where I was last year when I ended up with 47 minutes or so.  My second mile was much faster but I was still not in a groove.  I think the timer said 15:45.  Third mile, felt like we were going downhill the entire first half, but there is one small hill in this mile that is pretty steep.  I was able to crest that one feeling good.  The pain in my hip was gone.  As we ran down that hill, I finally felt ready to run.  Reached the turn around and kept thinking, oh no, here comes the pain.  When you run downhill for so long, you expect the uphill to be rough.  Every single year I have to remind myself, that it really isn’t.  It doesn’t feel like an uphill battle except for that same steep hill.  I reached the turnaround at 27 minutes 44 seconds (gun time).  

I reached 4 miles in 31 minutes and was enjoying myself knowing that I had 29 minutes to finish and still reach my goal of under an hour.  5 miles was probably around 38:40 and 6 miles I was at 47:30, which was sort of sad when I realized that I would have been done if it was last year.  The last mile we get to run that same big hill, but going down.  So I had a 7 minute mile and finished in 54:30.  I did not see my mom, though she saw me and was yelling at me.  Oblivious.  

I tried to get some silly photos from marathonfoto, so we will see how those come out.  Not that I will buy any.   I was pretty happy with my finish and still felt good, so I ran a half mile cool down towards our meeting spot.  We were able to get out of town without any issues and we stopped at McD’s for some egg white delights.  The rest of the day was spent chilling with Red until RK’s parents arrived and we entertained them for the weekend.  

Yesterday I got in a short bike ride, about 6 miles in the evening.  The weather has been perfect lately with highs in the 70s.  This morning was very cool and I ran 10 miles.  Then I got Red ready and we went to my doctor’s appt.  I found out that I don’t have diabetes.  I just fail the one hour test miserably, every stinking time, even when I am not pregnant.  I asked when I have to stop biking and the doctor said in 4-5 weeks.  That is later than I expected.  He said my weight gain is very good, it has been steady.  I weighed 140.4 today (clothed etc).  I don’t own a scale, but I would guess that I started around 128 or so.  If I gain a pound a week for the next 9, I should be right around 20 lbs.  I am trying to eat more and it has been going good some days, some days, not so much.  My stomach is feeling squished and I have acid reflux.  I ate BWW Saturday and got a mild bbq sauce but still ended up with terrible reflux.  

My next appointment is in 2 weeks!  This makes things seem so much closer.  The weeks will start to fly by now.  I also have an U/S that day to confirm her kidneys are fine.  I am going to try to make a list of things to do before she gets here.  


What’s Spanish for “I know you speak English”?

Oh another Monday.  Joy.  Today was a rest day for me.  I really needed to sleep in, and I did.  After a brief wakening at 5:30 anyway. 

Last week I took two full rest days and I am thinking that I will need to do that for the next 10 weeks.  I was able to run 43 miles last week plus a lot of biking to and from work. (52! if you count Monday-Sunday)  I ran 8 yesterday and I hope to do 10 tomorrow, 8 Wed, and 6 Thursday.  Rest on Friday and then do the 7 mile race on Saturday morning.  While running, I have been feeling icky to my stomach on most days.  I think it’s because the acid reflux has kicked in, especially at night.  In the morning, my stomach just does not feel great and it feels HEAVY.  My legs and knees are pretty good.  Last pregnancy, same thing.  I constantly have knee pain when I’m not pregnant, but now…nothing.  I think long runs (2 hrs+) must disagree with me. 

I have been slowing down my pace.  It’s funny, the first mile I head outside is 8:30-9:00 min/miles and then the rest seem pretty steady right under 8:00min/mile.  Takes me a while to get into the groove I supposed.  My goal for Saturday would be to #2 before the race, and not have to make a pit stop.  Hopefully my stomach will feel light and I can power up the hills without dying.  Time wise, I would like to be under an hour.  Weather should be decent. 

Next Dr appt is on Monday.  I have yet to hear back from my 3 hour glucose test, so fingers crossed I just failed the one-hour, as always. 

It’s pretty good once you get over how allergic I am to soy

So I raced on Saturday.  It was a night time race and I really wasn’t expecting it to happen.  The starting line is about .3 miles from my house, so we walked there in soupy weather at 7:30 for the little kids’ race.  Red was pretty excited, she wore the giant children’s sz medium race shirt, a GPS watch she found in my room and kept talking into, and slip on shoes.  Well we got there and found out it was sort of cancelled.  A storm cell was moving in, but I really think they would had have time to run a quarter mile race.  Instead, they were just letting kids walk/run into the finish area and put a medal on them.  So we got a medal and then Red was like, where’s the race?  So we started running and we ran back and forth through the finish area a few times.  She was pumped and thought she raced, so it turned out ok.  She was very excited to get her own bottle of water at the finish line too.  

Well the storms rolled in, complete with thunder and lightning.  We were hanging at home and I was trying to find some site or FB page with updates.  I finally found an unofficial FB page that someone who must have been near the start was updating.  The 4 miler was scheduled for 9.  At 8:45 they put on there that the races were delayed but still happening.  I was chilling on the floor doing puzzles and reading books with Red.  I quickly slapped on my bib # and timing chip, found a hat, and pranced out the door.  I was not really in a running mood because I had myself convinced the race was cancelled.  

I got to the start and there were a decent amount of people still hanging around.  It was lightning, but apparently it was safe because the one mile was finally just getting finished.  We waited for that to end and then they got the race started without any fanfare at around 9:20 or so.  It was lightly raining while we waited and about 30 seconds after the gun, another downpour started.  It was on and off down pour the entire race.

I was really happy to be able to do the run, but it definitely didn’t have the excitement of other, drier, years.  Not too many spectators, no luminaries, giant puddles of water to slog through.  My iPod went crazy and kept turning off and on and eventually quit forever.  It was barely hanging on to life anyway.  My muscles were pretty tight, especially around my shins which I have never experienced before.  I think it was a result of me trying out my new shoes (Saucony Virrata) the day before.  

So I hit the first mile in 6:55.  I thought, whoa.  I better slow down a bit.  The 2nd mile I didn’t hear the timer until after I had past her a bit and I think she said 15 minutes even.  So that would have been a big slowdown, not sure how accurate that was.  Third mile I felt a little queasy in my stomach and tight in my upper back, but I was able to shake it off.  That timer said 22:30.  Still not sure of the accuracy of those timers because I finished in 29:20, so that last mile must have been 6:50?!  Anyways, saw my mom at her house just after the 3 mile mark and then it was a long hill.  A couple more right turns and we were in the homestretch.  I got outsprinted by a girl at the end, but it’s not like it’s that hard to outsprint a 7 months pregnant lady.  Not much of a crowd at the end at either, usually I know quite a few people along the course.  

I was pretty beat and tight, so I grabbed some water and walked home without a cool down. Results were up today and I was 15th women.  The first one crossed in 26 minutes, which is about 3-4 minutes slower than last year’s winner.  A lot of people didn’t bother to show up.  If I wasn’t preggo, I probably would have placed 2nd.  I ended up 4th in my age group, would have been 1st or 2nd in just about any other one. haha.   

Overall, it was an okay race experience.  I am glad I got to do it but I am looking forward to next year’s race being better.  Next up is a 7 miler on the 26th.  It’s going to be hilly….

I’m using the garage for my awards show!

I don’t really have much of an update today.  It’s about to be a 3 day weekend whoooo!  Too bad RKY works all three days.  It will be up to me to entertain Ragin Red.  

My birthday is on Monday and I didn’t ask for anything, so it will be interesting to see what I get.  What I need is money to pay for my car registration.  Why can’t that come at a different time of year so you don’t feel fked over on your birthday?

This week in running…

Sunday I ran 11.  I don’t remember much about this run, so it must have gone fine.  Monday I ran 4 and did strength training.  My strength training is like lifting super light weights with 5 minutes rest between sets.  Very effective.  Tuesday I ran 9.  It was the day after some really violent storms, so there were a lot of water hazards and branches to hurdle.  Steeplechase style.  Wednesday I woke up late.  I had crazy dreams and slept on the couch until about 2 am.  When I woke up, i had terrible anxiety that came out of nowhere.  Luckily I fell back asleep.  Unluckily, my clock somehow got changed to Mountain time, so I woke up an hour late and didn’t have much time to run.  So I called it an impromptu rest day.  

The whole day felt off after that.  I had weird anxiety and my stomach felt ick and full all day long.  Luckily, today is starting out better. I ran 9.35 and so far my stomach feels fine.  I’ll hopefully do another longish run tomorrow and then a shorter one on Saturday because I will probably be tired after 4th of July festivities.  

Preggo update-

Going to an outreach clinic for U of I to look at baby’s kidneys.  It’s a level two U/S which is more detailed and probably creepier looking.  Yay.  My stomach is feeling squished and a bit sour lately but nothing terrible yet.  Varicose veins…unsightly and they hurt!  Ouch.  Bumping my calf into a table is killer.  They only hurt a little after I run, they kind of pulsate for a minute.  It’s a weird feeling.  I also have some pinched nerves somewhere that makes weird parts of my body tingle with pins and needles.   I’m very excited for the race next weekend so I hope I don’t end up with another summer cold or sinus infection or random injury.  Fingers crossed.