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Summer bummer

My last update was the half marathon.  I haven’t raced any since then.  The next race I am registered for is the one mile microbrew thing.  I ran a mile on the treadmill the other day in 6:19.  I want to be closer to 6:00 but the race is at 4 in mid June, so you know…heat.  Also, I have never raced just one mile before.  Could be tricky.

My training has been going pretty good. Knock on wood.  I went once to a chiro who specializes in sports injuries and it was like, BOOM, fixed.  No more hamstring issues.  I just need to work on strengthening it now so I don’t injure it again.  Easier said than done.  Most of my runs end abruptly with no time for strength as I am hurrying to get E or take a shower before they wake up.

E has been doing a sleep regression. She will not go to bed at night.  And then she wakes up multiple times and then gets up early like it’s NBD.   Plus the dang sun is so bright, so early, it is throwing everyone off a bit.  At least it’s been easier for me to wake up earlier and earlier.  My mileage in May was 182.  I think April was around there too.  I did a 14 miler the other week and it was surprisingly easy for me.  I did it in the early afternoon, so it was hot, but I was well fueled.  I hope to do 15 later this week, probably in the evening.




This will be a fresh race report.  I ran a half marathon this morning.  The only reason I get to update this is because I am at work.  So I am doing this because Sundays are slow.

Conditions were rainy this morning but otherwise, everything was nearly perfect.  Low 50s for temps, overcast (obviously), and my stomach felt great.  I was a little panicked about getting my packet and a parking spot, but it ended up being fine and I had a half hour to kill before the start.  Right before the race started, the rain began to pour down.  The sky was pretty light so I thought it would be on and off, but nope.  It rained the whole time with varying intensity.   Running in the rain doesn’t bother me, this was cold rain, so I did feel a bit stiff at the beginning.

I started the race listening to Serial season 2, which was underwhelming.  I had to hold my  phone because it was too big to fit in my flip belt.  It’s a couple days old so I am still getting used to it.  I had Runkeeper going and I checked it maybe 5 times.  I started out at a comfortable pace and decided I just wanted to have a nice comfortable long run.  I guess I took that a little too seriously though.  My pace for the second mile was 7:55, which I only saw after the race.  I could tell I was going pretty slow for me but I just didn’t want to feel like crap at the end.

The race is basically two out and backs.  The first few miles seemed long.  We turned around at 3 miles out and ran back to the start area.  Then we turned and did another out and back for the last half of the race.  It was pretty boring.  My music started up after one episode of Serial and that pumped me up a bit.  I started checking my pace and seeing that I was a bit on the slow side.  So I picked it up and started passing people one by one.  I passed a lot of people in the 2nd half of the race.  I didn’t want to really kick it in until the last 5k, so I kept holding back a little bit.  Once I crossed the 10 mile marker I finally felt good and ready to go.  So that mile was around 7:20.  The next was 7:11, and the last mile was 6:54.  Whoops.  I definitely had too much left in the tank.

My time was mediocre for me but pretty much where I wanted to be.  1:38:50-something.  I got a medal, bottle of water and flower then walked to my car.  I changed out of my soaking shirt and drove home shivering.  When I got home, I looked at my splits and saw the huge negative split.  So that was cool.  I actually felt really awesome at the end especially when I was passing so many people.  I wish every race could be like that.  But that would mean taking it really easy the first half.  I will try to remember that during my next marathon.

So Overall, the race was a bit boring but I always look back with rose colored glasses when I finish strong.  So I am happy with my time and hope it will be a catalyst for a strong summer of running.  Looking forward to my next race (I need to find one!)

For the record- breakfast- turkey roll-up and Snickers bar.