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I was mistakenly voted out of a four-person housing situation

Race weekend is over.  Sometimes I am so busy thinking about the race that I forget that I have a whole weekend to spend after the finish.  It was filled with going to various parks around town and trying desperately to entertain Red, who DID NOT NAP AT ALL

Back to the race, 7 miler…I woke up on Saturday and felt pretty good. I had some weird GI issues this past week- which may have been related to the food poisoning outbreak in the Midwest.  So my stomach felt a little queasy but otherwise, I was energetic and ready to go.  Temps were in the 50s.  Brrrr

We drove downtown and immediately found a port-a-potty for my mom who literally pees every 15 minutes.  She has an autoimmune disease and when it flares up, it is irritating.  We waited in line for like 20 minutes and then quickly walked to the start.  By that time it was about 10 minutes before the race and the orange zone (50min and under) was packed.  I tried to squeeze through but I still ended up behind some kids who did not look athletic at all.  They were wearing basketball shoes, I mean come on.

A ton of people fudge their estimated finish time and end up in the orange zone which is really frustrating.  Sorry to that lady that I completely annihilated on the hill, but you really didn’t need to be walking after 400 meters.

So my first mile was 8:20, I estimated that it took me about 20 seconds to cross the start line so I was panicking a little.  The bottleneck is really ridiculous and makes me never want to run this race again, but usually by the end I am having fun.

So things spread out right after the one mile mark and I was able to go through 2 miles at 15:15.  A sub 7 mile, but still not happy.  We ran down to the 3.5 m turnaround and I crossed the mat around 24:24.  I turned on my music so I didn’t hear the rest of my mile splits.  The next half of the race is all uphill, but it didn’t really feel that bad except for one really steep section.  At the six mile mark I knew the big downhill was coming so I was getting pumped to really let go.  But of course I get scared and picture myself rolling down the hill like a jackass, so though I was going fast, a lot of people were cruising past me.

We made a final turn and ran 600 or so meters to the finish.  Again, I felt people passing me like crazy as they started sprinting.  I don’t think my body is capable is sprinting.  curse these stubby legs.  I finally kicked it into gear and really felt the burn in the last 200 meters.

Crossed the 7 mile finish line in 48:30.  Chip time was 48:01.  Not a PR but only 11 seconds off.  I’m mostly impressed that I was able to cover the last 6 miles in 39:30.  I was the 60th woman out of probably 7000, so I was happy to make the top 100 again.  I even bought the paper that prints the results so I could cut out that one portion like I usually do and of course, they printed the wrong results.  They printed the 2 mile top 100 twice.  Waste of $2.

I am not sure what races are coming up next.  I just have to see how I feel and if I can fit them in around my long runs.  Got another 18-20 coming up this weekend.  Not looking forward to it, though the weather should still be decent.


I hate Phantom Space Man!

The day before a race.  It always kinda sucks.  Gotta watch what I eat so I don’t poop my pants.  Gotta drink gallons of water that wants to promptly vacate my bladder every 15 minutes.  Gotta be careful on stairs so I don’t tweak my knee.  Gotta monitor the weather every hour.  

Well the weather tomorrow is supposed to be unheard of.  Like literally, I think we are looking at record lows.  Temp at race time is supposed to be lower 50s.  This is July in the midwest…I have ran this race in 80some degrees and 90% humidity.  50s is supposedly IDEAL running weather.

 This puts even more pressure on me to do well, because I will never ever get a nicer day to run this particular race.  I won’t have the heat to use as an excuse if I fail miserably.  By fail miserably, I am not even sure I know what that means.  Obviously I can run 7 miles without stopping…failure is something I won’t know until I have experienced it.  I would like to run sub-7 minute miles.  This will not be possible during mile one because of the bottleneck going up the hill.  That means I am going to have to make up lost time and run even faster in the middle miles.  The last mile is downhill, so I am not too worried about that one.  It’s just the middle 5 of rolling hills.

In other news, my boss is a dick.  Wait, that’s not really news.  Most people already know that.


You’re a swagger hound

Well the weekend went ok.  I did my 18 on Saturday so I could relax the rest of the weekend.  Besides waking up at 5:15, it wasn’t so bad.  A crazy fast storm blew through on Friday night and cooled the air.  It was still pretty humid and my sports bra was still disgustingly soggy, but it could have been worse.  I hit a little wall at mile 10 and I think it was from dehydration, so I stopped at my house and guzzled a few glasses of water.  I might try Gatorade next time.  I never use Gatorade, but if it will help, then I’m all for it.

By the time I finished Red was already up and raring to go anywhere and do anything.  We used to sit and watch an episode of Curious George before she’d start to get crazy, but lately it’s about 5 minutes and she’s up and at em.  We went on a walk and stopped to play with the decorative rocks at the bank.  That’s our new thing I guess.  I had to work from 10-12 and then she dragged me down to the park to play.  An older girl that she had been playing with was suddenly mean to her and it broke my heart when Red sadly walked away.  She walked me down to the swings where she sniffled and hugged me.  Then we brought dad his lunch at work, but she started her nap on the way there so I just dropped it off and headed back home to finally get off my feet for a bit.  When RKY got home we went to Steak n Shake for dinner.  taking her to eat in public is never a good idea, but we keep trying dammit.  Then we went to the pet store and to Target for groceries, which again, was not easy.  I was bit and hit quite a few times before we wrestled her into the cart.  She is naturally violent.  No one taught her that shit.  Should I be worried?

We had fun that night catching lightning bugs.  She is pretty scared of them though.  On Sunday night she tried catching some on her own, but screamed whenever one actually touched her.  It was supposed to be a rest day and my calves were sore from wearing my new Mizunos, but I ended up walking all over town and playing various sports with my nephews.  My calves were still sore this morning, so I popped on some compression socks and went out for a ten miler.  When I started, it was actually sort of dark out, which I love.  I run so much easier in the dark.  I think I will try another 10 tomorrow so I can take it easy peasy living greazy before the race on Saturday.

I cant get past you, you are the cops, you are my student loans

Summer has arrived.  I hate it.  At least it showed up late.  Fashionably late.  I ran a speed workout on the treadmill on Wednesday because I honestly don’t think I could ever hit those paces on my own.  I did 7×800 @ 3:20 with 800 recovery.  Thursday I needed another rest day.  Even my calves were sore (prob DOMs from Saturday) and they are usually fine.  I did some kettlebell swings instead. 

This morning was an “easy” 7 and I convinced myself to go outside despite the 80 degree temp and 110% humidity at 6 a.m.  It was rough.  God, I hope it’s not that bad for the race next weekend.  I ran 5.5 outside and I finally said eff it and came in to finish on the treadmill.  I laid on the floor in my a/c room and stared at the beads of sweat all over my legs.  Every single pore was just leaking water.  Showering never felt so good.  I’ve drank about 60 ounces of water since then and I haven’t even peed yet. 

The weather is supposed to break tonight with a cool front.  Just in time for my 18 miler tomorrow.  Today felt so sh*tty that I’m not terribly confident about tomorrow’s run, but I’m giving it a go. 

In other news, I got a terrible tattoo.  On my forearm.  Not easy to hide that one.  My friend has been apprenticing for three months and she did some decent work on people, so I decided to be a guinea pig too.  Didn’t turn out as well for me.  She wants me to come back in a couple weeks so she can “fix” it, but I think I am going to call my normal guy for that.  sigh.

Last night I took Red and my nephews to the indoor bounce house play place.  It is smelly in there and the workers hate their job.  Not as nice as I expected, but the kiddos had fun.  I was allowed to “assist”, but not bounce.   I definitely bounced.


I studied zoology in college, and I can control animals with my mind

I finally had a decent race.  The local 4 miler, which is one of my favorite races ever because it’s at night, I run these streets every frakking day, and because I know a lot of the spectators.  I could run that course in my sleep…I probably have.  I started out the day with a 3.5 mile jaunt around town.  Then Red and I were off and playing at the local park before 8 a.m.  Then we headed to the farmer’s market, but we didn’t stay long because we forgot to bring a stroller.  Parenting fail.  I got some green beans and cheese though.  We went from there to the sprayground down by the river.  Red was a little timid at first but then she got really into the water.  We didn’t bring extra clothes or a diaper (parenting fail part 2), so RKY put his shirt on her and it looked hilarious and adorable.  We ate lunch and then I walked her to my parents house to watch the parade.  I had to be in the parade which wasn’t really as fun as it sounds.  Especially when you run out of candy because then the little kids dgaf about you.
After the parade she napped and then ate dinner.  I wanted to cool off in the AC for awhile but she dragged me back outside to ride on her balance bike.  I think kids are immune to heat and humidity.  There was still over two hours until the race so we drove to get ice cream.  Finally I started getting ready and walked her back to my parents’ house for the race.  Then I ran to my house and put on my bib and chip and left about 15 minutes before the race started.  I ran the long way to the starting line for a warm up and I was still like 10 minutes early.  You are supposed to line up based on your mile time but everyone seems to fudge it, so I started behind a big group of people who I immediately passed.  I don’t race with a watch so I decided I had better wait to start my music until the second mile so I could hear the timer at mile one.  I passed the timer around 6:15 and decided I had better slow up a tad.  The race usually gets tough for me from mile 2-3, but this time I was busy trying to keep up with this little fast girl, so it wasn’t too bad.  I ended up passing her and then came in to mile 3 right around 19:40.  Then I get to pass by my parents’ house where my mom and Red were waiting.  Saw them and continued up the last incline.  I still felt surprisingly good, so I just kind of cruised into the finish.  It went by in a blur, I didn’t pay much attention to the crowd but I did hear some people cheering for me.  The last 200 meters is a straight sprint to the finish and I got in around 26:20.  I’m kind of curious what my splits were in the middle.  The first and last miles were 13 minutes which means the middle two were 13:20, which is average 6:40.  Overall pace was 6:35 thanks to that speedy first mile.  My PR for this race is 25:20
The race had 2200 runners and I was 6th female, so I was pleased.  I got 2nd in my age group too, which is surprising because my age group is really competitive lately.  I plan on being pregnant or just post partum for next year’s race, but hopefully I can still run it.  It is nice to go out on a high note.    The 7 miler is up next and if this heat and humidity continue, I doubt a PR will be reached but hopefully I can sub 50.