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We’re not big on hospitality

Man this weekend kind of blew.

Saturday I ran 8 miles, all outside!  That part was glorious.  It was probably in the 20s but that is manageable when there’s no wind chill.  My mom called and clearly had a terrible cold so I couldn’t drag Red over there for free entertainment.  We did go to Target and she was miraculously good.  I think she was hungover from her 5 minute nap in the car.  Later, my friend J came over but since I didn’t have a babysitter we had to go places Red would enjoy.  That ended up being Target (again, love you T-baby), Petsmart, and Books a Million.  BAM didn’t have the book I needed, they never do.  RIP Borders.  Then J had to take his wifey to the ER, so me and Red just chilled the rest of the night.

Sunday was the day of my long run.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  It seemed too early in this training cycle for a 20 miler but I already ran 18 last week.  What’s a girl to do?  I ended up running 16.5 miles.  Ran 11 outside before the ice storm, then 5.5 on the treadmill.  Then I showered and took care of Red before running another 3.75 miles on the treadmill while she napped.  I was afraid that second run would be hard, but it felt really good until the end when my right foot started to hurt.  Not sure what to make of that or how to fix it.

Red ended up being sick and lethargic most of yesterday.  Her temp peaked at 103.3.  Today it is hovering in the 101s.  Taking her to the Dr would just be more torture for the both of us, so we are just shoving liquids down her throat and rotating Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

I finally went to the chiro again after a 3 month break.  She was horrified at my hip alignment.

She cracked my neck in a gross way and now I can feel like fluids or something shifting behind my ears and making me feel off kilter.  Either that or I’m on my way to a stroke.


You can’t fire me, I’m dead!

Welp, my legs were begging for a rest today.   I guess, no, I know that I pushed my easy runs too hard.  Monday I did a tough ten at 7:30 pace.  Tuesday I did a tempo run but my tempos are really my “run as fast as you can so you can get this thing over with” runs.  So I ran 8 miles at 7:03 pace.  Wednesday was an easy day but I still ran 7:40s for 7 miles.  I’m not good as this recovery thing.  Always in a rush.  Yesterday I did 10 K at 7:20 pace.  I really need to get some 8 min + miles in there which is easier to do when I’m outside instead of on my comfy treadmill.

I’ve got 28 total miles to run this weekend, so I suppose my 2nd rest day this week is for the best.  I’m going to force my cozy ass to go outside for most of them.  I’m not a fan of tights so I wear sweatpants that get really wet on the inside and then I get freezing cold.  Makes sense to sacrifice warmth for vanity.  Except at night when I am trying to woo RKY in flannel pajamas and a blanket cape.

Outside of running, not much new is happening.  Red is still being a terror.  We had a semi-disasterous trip to Target with Red refusing to be buckled in the cart

Bedtime is especially difficult when both of us are home.  It must excite her that mom and dad are both around.  It excites me too until she stays up too late and then I crash on the couch before we get any alone time.  Last night went find because RKY worked.  We went to story time which is really run around and climb on the chairs at the library time.  But that’s how all the <2 yr olds are.  Spent the rest of night reading and bathing.  If only I had a night to read what I want to read and take a long bath.

Finally getting back on my anxious stomach meds.  I’m hoping this will cure my social anxiety.

Not that I’m ever social.  But just in case.

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I think someone just Death Kwon clogged the toilet

So my 18 miler the other day went surprising well.  A little too well after I hopped on the treadmill.  I felt a bit guilty because it was like my legs sighed ahhhh when I finished the last 4 miles on it.  So I tacked on an extra .4 for punishment.  By afternoon my calves were sore as hell.  I guess I should wear compression sleeves or foam roll or something, but that requires effort.  And I don’t own a roller or know where my calf sleeves are.

I took all day off yesterday and we went to an aquarium.  But this is Iowa, so it was just filled with big ugly suckers like gar and catfish.  Red liked it though.  She ended up falling asleep at 8pm last night.  What good deed did I do to deserve that?

I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself.  So I highlighted my hair and watched Castle.  The highlights turned out a bit yellowish as they always do even though I left it on for over an hour.  Oh well, better than wasting two hours in a salon listening to the stylists make out with their boyfriends, bitch about each other, and call out the ones with fake tatas.  Maybe I need a new salon?  One lady at work said, Oh you got your hair done.  And that was it.  I hate when people do that.  I know you don’t like it, so just shut it, woman.

Today I ran 10 miles on the treadmill while watching Parks and Rec and Parenthood.  P&R totally made me want to have a crazy bachelorette party.  Parenthood made me want to eat Skittles.  Love that heartwarming b.s.

I’ve always wanted to date a guy named The Power

18 miles done and in the books.

Actually 18.4.  10.4 was outside, 8 was inside.  I ate about 1/3 of a Clif gel after 13 miles and I’m thinking I won’t do that again.  GU never hurt my belly so I will have to do a little experimenting and make sure that is still the case.

We are deep into the terrible twos with Red right now.   Did I mention that she is only 16 months old?  It is exhausting.  Even the people at daycare are exhausted with her.  She has always been high energy and climbs on EVERYTHING, but lately she has been throwing fits and having meltdowns over EVERYTHING.

Putting her coat on, taking her toothbrush away, changing her diaper, taking a nap, getting in the car seat, getting dropped off at daycare, going into any store and being strapped in the cart, being knocked over by the dog, etc.  And since she climbs on everything, she melts down if she can’t get on something on her own, or if we take her off something she doesn’t need to be climbing on.  God I wish it was spring so I could take her to the park.  Right now we have a wind advisory as the cold blows in for the next few days.

I hope this parenting thing gets easier, but I hear the next few years are tough when you have a “spirited” toddler.  That’s what the internet seems to be calling it.  How the hell am I going to be able to handle her and another kid?  Or even convince RKY to have another one.  The whole day is a battle and I don’t even want to come home on my lunch breaks because I know she will throw a fit when I’m trying to eat and again when I leave.  It is interesting how you can be so annoyed and frustrated with a person and yet, still love them so much.  Mostly when she’s sleeping.


I think it finally got me.  The damn flu.  Maybe.  My nose is very runny so I’m more inclined to believe it is a cold.  My throat and ears are a little itchy.  No headache or body aches yet.  I am one of two people at work who have not had the flu yet.  Apparently no one bothered to get a shot this year.

I did get my 16 miler in on Friday.  That was before the weather turned colder than a witches teet. Woke up at 5. Out the door by 5:10.  Just popped some gum in instead of brushing my teeth.  (I did brush them afterwards). Wore my glasses but it was so oddly warm that they kept fogging up.  Ran 10 outside and 6 inside.   I felt pretty fatigued around mile 12 and 13 but then I got a second wind and finished pretty strong.  Outdoor miles were average 7:58  Indoor miles were 7:39.  I know I’m running on an incline but my cheapo mill does not display what it is.  Did a recovery 3.25 mile run yesterday and did some sporadic improvised weight training.  I’m sure tearing up my shoulders once every blue moon is doing wonders for my physique.

I had 51.4 miles last week.  I am pretty impressed with myself.

My knee was not, but it’s feeling better thanks to lots of ibuprofen.   I keep wondering how in the world people find time to run 70+ miles per week.  Now I’m googling how many miles per week runners should do doing marathon training.  It’s all over the board.  I would like to have one or two 60 mile weeks but I’m doubtful that will happen.  Usually I need two days off during my 20 miler weeks.  Well, I don’t need them off, I just need to sleep in two days and early mornings are pretty much my only running time thanks to work and my night owl kid.

If only I married a rich guy and could be a stay at home mom who can finagle a run at just about any time of day…  Nah, scratch that. I’d go nuts.  Ain’t no man gonna make me cook