Monthly Archives: December 2016

You’re just a drop of embarrassment, in an ocean of shame

Running is still going pretty well lately.  Knock on wood (again).  Haven’t been doing much in terms of speed.  Last time I think the lower ab pressure increased around now, so I am on the look out for that.  I will have to try and find that support belt.  I do have to pee about 5 minutes into every run even though I pee right before I start.  I have been running between 40-45 miles most weeks.  I’m a little worried my treadmill is wearing out, I expect to have to buy a new one soon.  Hopefully after my tax return next year.

I don’t think I have any races to look forward to.  There is a half marathon in May, but at that point, I don’t know if I will be up for it.  I did do some 5ks last year in March and April but I am not a fan of that distance, so who knows?  The only races I really do every year are the local 4 miler and 7 miler in July.  There will be the marathon in September as well, so I could possibly do that half, will have to play that by ear.  I don’t have much interest in racing anymore.  I did complete the 2,016 miles in 2016 challenge.  That was a different challenge but honestly, not that hard.

It is getting harder to hide this baby.  I have a come and go bump that depends on the time of day and how bloated I am.  I suck it in a lot at work and wear looser clothing.  The time to announce will have to be soon but I am really nervous about it.  I don’t think my work colleagues will be too pleased with another person going on leave right when one is just getting back.  I hope to have daycare lined up soon so my mom won’t have to worry about that burden.  E has been in her care since my last babysitter flaked.  I am probably going to stick to a facility so they can’t flake on me.



Well running has actually been going pretty well.  Knock on wood.  I am on a streak and don’t plan on stopping until the New year.  But I will probably get sick or injured, so we’ll see.  I’ve also been doing a lot of kettle bell and core work, my legs, arms, and abs have all been sore at one point or another this past month.  I haven’t run outside in probably a month.  I’m a little worried that my treadmill will give up on me soon.  I have been doing almost no speed work but I will do progression runs and get myself down to lower 7s.

My stomach is definitely sticking out a little bit but I think it’s only noticeable to me.  I’ve been avoiding tight clothing plus it’s winter, so I am layering up.  I am actually freezing my ass off at work right now, so I’m going to need to grab another layer during my lunch break.

I saw the doctor last Friday.  I was 14w 6 days.  The heartbeat was good and other than that, wasn’t much else to do. Felt around in my stomach for my uterus position. He checked my calves since they have been hurting lately but we think it is my varicose veins acting up.  Supposed to keep them elevated, like that’s not hard.  I have an u/s on the 23rd but it is to check my cervix since I have had a LEEP procedure.  I am kind of hoping they will check out the baby and it’s sex, but we will see.  Would be a nice xmas present to me.  If not, I’ll have to wait another 4 weeks after that.