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Besides the marathon, another big event happened on Friday.  My parents put their (our) black labrador down on Friday.  She had been steadily going down hill.  She was very skinny, not eating much for the past several months.  After they moved, she didn’t really do much of anything and she used to love being outside and chasing critters.  She had some very rough days, so my dad took her to the vet and they confirmed what he should do.

In some ways, it is easier than the last time we lost a pet.  She was 13 1/2 years old, so she had a great life.  Her brother Echo is still with us.  I try so hard to remember specific memories with her, but it is hard.  Just in general she was very laid back.  Sometimes she liked to be alone.  But if she wanted your attention she would sit right by you and put her paw up or position herself for a belly rub.

I used to run up and down the fence line and Mo would run with me.  She liked that.  When I would come down into the yard with her, she would pounce and act playful, excited to have someone to play with.  She didn’t chew on toys or have an appetite like her brother.  She was polite and wouldn’t just take food out of your hand.  She’d just sit there staring, drooling.  She had a coat that shed really unevenly, so I used to call her buffalo Mo.  Also called her Smokey Jo, MoMo, MoMo JoJo.  She was afraid of thunderstorms and would shake and pant and come stand by your bed or lock herself in the basement or bathroom.  The Thunder Shirt didn’t work for her.  She spent a lot of time on her deck, which is now our deck.  She liked sitting up on the deck and watching for squirrels or bunnies to chase.  She was so fast.  Once she caught a possum and brought it up to the deck.  We thought it was dead but that lil asshole was playin possum!  Almost ran in the house.  She was a great dog.  The ideal dog really.

I will always love her and miss her just like Shadow and Hershey.


Did it

I did it.  And I proved to myself that I can still BQ.

Woke up at 4 a.m. after about  5.5 hours of sleep.  Had to drive an hour and a half to the race.  It was dark the entire time, I felt oddly disoriented a few times from blinking construction lights, but there was hardly any traffic.  Parked in a lot downtown and walked to the civic center to meet the girl who picked up my packet.  Checked my bag and then sat in the seating browsing my phone.  When we had 10 minutes to go I wandered over to the starting line.  It was pretty sparse.  Not sure how many people ran the race, but clearly not as many as the other marathon I just did.  They just shouted Go! and everyone took off.  We weaved along the downtown city streets for the first several miles.  Then we ran up a big hill and weaved through some historic neighborhoods.  The half marathoners broke off and rejoined us a couple of times before we turned off after mile 16.  Then we ran to the other side of town through some neighborhoods.  I was looking forward to one part where we would run through a park for a whole mile (at mile 23).  I had several milestones in my mind, 16 miles, 18 miles, and 20 miles.  At 16, we were still running with the halfers and I knew the area we were in near campus.  I thought, if I can just run well to mile 16, then I can run/walk the last 10 and still finish decently.  At 18, I always think, just over an hour!  And at 20, I think, okay, I am definitely going to finish this one way or another.  So I was basically running smoothly and walking for about 50 steps at aid stations.  I skipped a couple that were only a mile or so apart from each other.  I got to mile 23 and ran into the park.  I started to get excited.  I was a little confused about where to go at times because the runners were so far apart, but I found my way and exited the park at 24.  I grabbed a sip of gatorade and walked for a half minute before taking off again.  That was the last time I walked.  Mile 24 was down a big hill, so that was great.  I felt like I was flying.  We turned and passed 25 and I was so stoked at how good I felt.  The sun was bright, but it was still in the 40s, so I felt energized.  I picked up the pace and we ran probably about .6 miles to the end of the street and then made two turns to the final stretch.  Spectators were few and far between still but they were enthusiastic.  I made the final turn, a u turn in to the civic center and through a tunnel then onto the floor beneath the jumbotron.  Hardly anyone even noticed.  The announcer said my name but it was like the volunteers weren’t really paying attention or cheering, so that was anticlimactic.  I got my medal and two bottles of water.  Food was just some fruit, so I skipped that.  Walked up and out of the arena on my tired legs, got my bag and exited.  A bike taxi asked me if i wanted a ride, so I said sure, take me to my car.  So that was cool.  Then I just got in my car and drove home.  Stopped once to stretch at a rest stop.

My splits were pretty even.  The only clocks were at the 6.5, 13, and 19-ish mile markers.

Split 1 7:50:05AM 00:49:49 07:59 min/mi 00:49:58 08:01 min/mi
Split 2 8:45:03AM 01:44:47 08:05 min/mi 01:44:55 08:05 min/mi
Split 3 9:35:07AM 02:34:51 08:06 min/mi 02:35:00 08:06 min/mi
Finish 10:32:14AM 03:31:58 08:06 min/mi 03:32:06 08:06 min/mi

So now how I felt while running…

First off, my ankle area hurt.  The wrap came loose and probably wasn’t doing much anyway.  I think it’s tendonitis. Pretty much the entire first hour of the race I was doubting that I could do it.  I knew I could cutoff with the halfers at several points, so I kept going.  At some point I stopped noticing the pain so much.  I started music at mile 8 and that was pretty motivating.  Also, there were great spectators along this part of the course that kept me positive.  I decided at the half way point I could start taking longer or more frequent walk breaks.  But I didn’t need to.  Ditched my shirt at 13 and then decided that since I felt good, I would push that back until 16.  But I felt good there too, so I never did increase the walking, just stuck with my plan to walk and drink and count to about 50.  So I probably doubted myself the first hour of the race, but after that, I was able to stay positive which was my goal and what I prayed about.  I felt so good at mile 20, but i was trying not to get overzealous and end up cramping up or dying in the last 10 k.

So I took water at nearly every aid station.  I ate 5 of my 6 chews because they started to make my stomach turn a little.  I also grabbed a half snickers bar from a station.  Ate the first chew around mile 8 I think.  Then the rest during miles 10-18.

The biggest things that helped me to do better than last time was 1. eating a bigger breakfast.  and 2.  the cooler weather!  Started at around 35 degrees and ended in the lower 40s.  Wore a long sleeved shirt over my t-shirt for the first half.  Also, I feel pretty dang good today, just a little sore.  I credit the Beta alanine supplement for that, because that is what it is supposed to do, but who knows?

Anyways, I BQed by 3 minutes and 2 seconds.  I have no plans to run Boston 2017 (I age up that year to 35-39), but I still really wanted to BQ.  I hope to someday still PR in the marathon but I have got some work to do to get there!


So I did it.  I registered for the marathon.  I am going to be cursing myself when I am run/walking through mile 23.  But there will be a mile 23.  Probably.  Maybe.. I hope so.

Rest Day today.  Five miles tomorrow.  Ankle support coming tomorrow.  Rest Day Saturday.  Crossing my fingers that a friend of my friend really does pick up my packet for me.  Meeting her around 6 a.m. on Sunday.  My wake up time will be 4 a.m. leaving by 4:30 a.m.  Bringing a BIG breakfast for the road.  And some Gatorade.  And a cup to piss in.

5 days

I am about 80% sure I am going to register for another marathon.  It’s on Sunday, which is 3 weeks from the last one.  I think if I tape up my ankle, I will be ok on that front.  I really need to focus on being positive and not giving up too soon.  It would be my 9th marathon.  I’m kind of afraid that I will drive all the way there and then end up running only 8 miles and bowing out due to whatever befalls me.

So I just went back and was reading about my other double marathon season.  The first was the terrible loop marathon where I really struggled and hated it.  The second one I was much more relaxed, but had to battle some high winds.  Still,  I did better and felt better in the 2nd one, so here’s to hoping that happens again this time.  I also noticed that my training that time was like, way faster than this time.   Yikes.  Yesterday I was struggling to run a tempo run at 7:30s.  I noticed that in 2013 I was regularly running 7 minute miles for a 10k and Yassos at 6:30 pace.  I guess I’m a lazy ass now.  Today I ran a progression run of just 2 miles and ended my run at 6:40 pace.  And it was rough.  So I have some work to do this winter.  Hopefully I will not get injured or sick.

So the plan to prevent a repeat of last month’s marathon would be to eat a big breakfast.  (Hoping this doesn’t make me poop.)  And to tape up my ankle and hamstring.  And bring the tape with me in my spibelt.  Also, switching back to my spibelt from the flip belt.  I really struggled getting my gels out of the flipbelt.  Weather will be much cooler, so I doubt I will change my outfit from last time.  Not sure if I will wear compression sleeves on my calves.  Not sure if I will wear a hat.  Try to get to bed early because I will have to leave at 4:30 a.m. to drive for an hour and a half.

Tomorrow I will run 5 or 6 miles.  Take of Thursday morning since RKY will be out of town.  Run 5 or 6 Friday and then rest day Saturday.  Maybe taking Red to a kids Halloween run.