Monthly Archives: April 2016

Better late

I sucked it up and ran another 5k last weekend.  It feels like forever ago and it was less than a week.  It was down at the minor league baseball stadium and all proceeds went to support their scholarship program.  It started at 9 a.m. and was right around 50 degrees, so the weather was perfect.

The start was a short walk away, so after warming up for over a mile (I also ran 1.5 miles before I drove down there), I walked to the start.  I stretched out a little bit and hopped in near the front of the crowd.  I would guess there were about 500 people running.

The start was about a block run and then a left turn onto a bridge over the river.  The bridge is over a half mile long so there was a good quarter mile incline then flat part and then a downhill into IL.  We turned left off the bridge and ran along a bike path that is right on the riverfront.  Besides the one uphill at the beginning, the race was flat.  Right at one mile I needed water.  The wind was giving me dry mouth.  The timer at 1 mile said 7:30 so I was like wow I am running slow.  I didn’t care at the time though because I was still the first woman, but it was a little discouraging.  My runkeeper turned off, I must have hit something, so I didn’t get splits during the entire run but at the end of the race, I knew the timer or mile marker was wrong.

After the first mile, I got a side stitch.  It wasn’t bad and I usually don’t have a problem with them sticking around too long.  This one decided to stick around and then my stomach started to hurt.  It was pretty crappy the rest of the race.  I felt like puking and I dry heaved a couple times, but I tried not to think about it.  I am definitely not eating eggs before a race again.

We ran back over the river on a different bridge.  This one is grated so they had some carpet put down on the ped path.  I don’t think it slowed me down any.  Before turning on the bridge I saw a woman not too far behind so I tried to speed it up.  The last bit was running to the stadium.  I was under the impression we did a lap around the outside before coming in, so it felt like I had a long way to go.  Luckily we just ran in through a tunnel on the close side.  We ran down the sideline and over home plate to finish.  The clock said 20:33.  So really, not as bad as I expected.  I wish my app had worked so I could see my splits and actual distance though.

Although it was 10 sec slower than the last race, I think I did pretty well.  Especially considering my stomach troubles.  I will probably go back to eating a Snickers before I run but that doesn’t usually fill me up enough. I will have to experiment.

Red ran the kids’ race at 10.  I met them after my race and then we ran around the stadium’s warning track and then sideline and to home plate.  She had fun.  Then she bounced in the bounce houses and they started awards.  So I was actually there for an awards ceremony.  It was cool but embarrassing.  I had to stand on a podium.  They gave me a wood bat for 1st.  It was cool, I wish it was engraved with my place.  I also got $15 for Fleet Feet sports.

Overall I think it was a cool race and I will hopefully do it again.  Not sure when my next 5k is, but I definitely want to get closer to breaking 20.