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most wonderful…

So it’s Black Friday.  Which doesn’t mean much anymore because pretty much everywhere was open yesterday.  I am at work updating this, because why would I be doing work on Black Friday?  No one else is.  It is DEAD.  I work all weekend as well and am hoping for a whole dead weekend.

Running has been going so well.  I still feel pretty slow and a little stiff, but I ran at least 7 miles two days this week.  Actually, yesterday I ran a total of 12.25.  Not because I was compensating for eating too much.  But because I knew I wouldn’t be able to this morning, so i ran my planned morning run to last night at like 9:20.  I was falling asleep around 8 but got a 2nd wind after Red went to bed and decided to go ahead and bang it out so I could “sleep in” this morning while RKY worked all night.  It ended up working out and I slept in til 6:15.

Still had trouble getting everyone out the door because Red was dragging her feet and being whiny.  But I made it to work before 8.  Took a pump break at 10:00.  It is a little awkward.  I realized the blinds in my office arent exactly blinding enough, so I went back to the other office with a large storage closet area that has an outlet.  Stood back there for 15.  I used to do a little hand pump in the bathroom but I always felt bad using the staff bathroom for that long and also, just pumping in a bathroom.

Thanksgiving was nice.  I did not Turkey Trot because I am still slow and, holy balls, it was cold yesterday.  Still trying to figure out what my spring plans will be.  Maybe IL half or full.  Would like to register for Chicago next fall.  and probably do the local race as well.  Anyways, I am hungry as hell and craving leftovers.  Lunch break in 15.


looking forward

so I am back at work.  Just 8 hours this week and then 20 next week.  then it’s back to the full time 40 after Thanksgiving.  My incision drama continued last week, but is resolved, for now.  i am still convinced that it’s not really over and i will probably have another set back.  Last week he drained the middle and left side of it again.  I am worried that the right side will flare up next.  Today i went to see him and he gave me the all clear on the two locations that were drained.  It seems as though i am allergic to dissolvable sutures and they were pushing up through my skin.  so that is gross.  and hopefully something that can be changed next time.  yes, next time.  Despite all the weird pain/pressure during and the pain and issues after this c-section, i am still wanting to do it one more time.  Well not really wanting to do a c-section again, but i want another kid, so i have no choice.

after seeing the Dr. last week, I took 3 full days off from running.  he told me I was ok to run slow, but i didn’t want to risk it.  i came back on Monday with 3.5 miles, tuesday with 4.5, wednesday with 5.5, and a whole 7 miles today!  whoooo!  The last time I ran that far was the day before I had Elora.  It took me just over an hour.  My right hip was sore at the end because I think i am compensating for the pain I had in my incision on the left.  I think tomorrow will be a much needed rest day.

E seems to be on a schedule that looks like this… go to bed around 8:30 or 9, wake up to eat at 1 or 2, then start grunting at 5:30-6 a.m. This is usually when i am running, so if I am on the treadmill, she will continue to sleep.  If not, she will grunt and grunt until i wake her up to be fed.  hahaha.  So on days that I don’t run, I am still waking up pretty early to her grunt noises.  Just like with Red, she will wake up about 3 minutes after the treadmill stops running.  It’s like a white noise machine.  this motivates me to run as far as possible without a break.  it also means I don’t get much time for strength training or anything like that.  i have been doing planks in those 3 minutes, but no crunches because that still sounds too painful.  I do want to do more strength stuff so i will have to fit that in at other times of the day.  After I feed her, i try to calm her down so we can go upstairs and I can shower without waking up Red.  this doesn’t always go as planned.  Then i get dressed and we go back downstairs to watch TV while i feed Red or wait for her to wake up.  now that I am back to work, this is when i will need to be organized, have my clothes picked out, breakfast planned, and hopefully get in another pump before work.

Pumping has been going pretty good.  I have had a few painful plugged ducts, but they usually resolve themselves after a few pumps.  I have been pumping about 70 oz a day which is more than enough, and I do end up dumping some down the drain.  the milk bank never got back to me about donating, so i just dump the bottles that probably have caffeine in them.

Back to running-

I don’t have any goals for the winter.  I would like to start running outside at some point.  Hoping e starts sleeping later or something works out so I can do that.  However, it has been brutally cold and windy here already, so i am not really concerned too much about getting out there.  Turkey trot is on thanksgiving, but I am leaning towards not running it.  not really feeling like racing yet.  Winter brings the obvious race drought, but I would like to be training for something.  I am registered for Boston, but thinking that will be a no go.  So I will hopefully find something else closer to home to satisfy my training hunger.  Maybe just some half marathons.  i’m getting nerdy excited just thinking about it.

one handed typing

six weeks in,  E is doing well.  Not doing much other than sleeping and eating, but smiles will come soon.  I am still struggling to heal.  back to dr tomorrow and I will need to be drained again.  At least it’s ok to run.  Just superficially sore. I’m at about 4-6 miles 5 days a week.  All treadmill so I can stop to feed E.  Really ready for my incision BS to end.  Back to part time work next week and the following, then full time starting black Friday.  We will see how that goes, not the best at time management…