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I’m going to need bigger mousetraps

Well last time I posted was just before I was supposed to run a 5k.  That didn’t happen.  I got halfway to the race and realized I forgot my chip and bib # at home.  I didn’t have time to go back and get it and make it there on time.  So I just turned around and went home.  Ran around town instead.

Looking back at my running via Daily Mile, I still have been getting in at least two 10 milers each week.  Even a few 11 milers sprinkled in there.  Too bad it’s not half marathon season instead of sweat your balls off season.  I registered for a four miler and I still need to register Red for the kid’s quarter miler that day.  The 4 mile is at 9 at night which could be bad if my stomach is all bloaty at the end of the day as it has been lately.  Last time I ran it pregnant I did it in about 33 minutes, but this was just a few days after taking 3 weeks off for my sciatica.  Speaking of sciatica, I still get twinges of it, usually at the end of the day while I’m hauling Red around town.  She has been lazy lately and making me pick her up.  I said, “I have to carry new baby, let daddy carry you.”  She replied, “no, daddy can carry new baby.”  Hmm…that’s not going to work right now.

This is the week I have finally had people notice I am pregnant.  Make note- 25 weeks.  I don’t remember if it was later or around this time last pregnancy.  I think it was right around now.  My belly button is already an outtie.  I am still wearing normal clothes but work pants are starting to get a bit tight on the waist and shirts are looking a bit shrunken as they try to stretch.  I hope to just use my belly band for the work pants situation but I may need to pick up some longer shirts for work so I can wear the band.

Our ultrasound was on Monday.  Still looks to be a girl but, again we thought we saw balls!  Hope she’s not a girl with balls…  We got new photos and measurements.  She measured at exactly 25wks and 1 day which is what we calculated.  She weighs 1 lb 11 oz which is good.  It’s hard to believe she will grow another 5-6 pounds in the coming weeks.  Yikes, going to feel that midsection pressure come back.  The u/s tech said she thought the kidneys looked no worse than last time.  I will see the doctor on Friday and see what he says.  Since I have the family history of UPJ obstructions, I am guessing he will send me to U of I for a level 2 u/s.

Here is what my running has looked like so far this week.  Sunday- 8 miles on the treadmill.  I got to sleep in and still get in a run while Red napped after a zoo trip!  Monday- 2 miles on the treadmill.  Didn’t run particularly fast, but got in some good strength training after.  Tuesday I stretched my run into 11.1.  It was humid out so I did half of it on the treadmill.  Still pretty dang humid inside.  Wednesday (today) I ran 9.35.  I considered doing 9.5 or 10 but my TV show’s captioning was off and it was pissing me off, so I called it quits.  Tomorrow might be another easy day, but I am looking at Friday’s weather and wondering if I should switch my runs.  Friday I wanted to do 10 and then do 7 or 8 on Saturday to cap off the week around 50 miles.

I feel like I should do the standard bumpdate that actual bloggers do.. ugh

I have no cravings and I don’t weigh myself, so there ya go.  Not looking forward to probably failing my glucose test again.



Solving crimes and making up rhymes

I lost a whole post. Boo hoo.  I will try this again.

Running has actually gotten easier over the past couple of weeks.  I feel like my uterus finally took a flying leap off my bladder.  The pressure is much less noticeable now.  I also am slightly less of a piss machine.

Last week I reached 50 miles again.  Runs averaged out to about 10 a day.  This week I have done 10, 10, 2.25 +kettlebells, and 8.75 today.  My hips were sore from the kettlebells and it was raining, so I cut my run a little short today.  Usually I like running in the rain, but today, it was just irritating.  I did most of the run on the treadmill while watching Celebrity Wife Swap.  I actually sort of knew who the two celebrities were this week.

I have a race this weekend.  A 5k.  It should be cool, so if I am feeling good, I can probably average under 7:30/mile.  If I am feeling heavy or have to suddenly pee or #2, then who knows what could happen.  I still haven’t found my support belt, and I am still too cheap to buy a new one, for now.  Luckily, I don’t feel like I need it yet.  I will try to start out strong, get into a groove for mile 2, then push myself harder mile 3.

I sometimes think my bump is huge and noticeable and other times, it’s still pretty easy to conceal.  I have been comparing it to pics from bloggers and I do seem a bit on the smaller side.

June and July are always crazy busy at work.  I hate to wish the months away, especially with Red getting so big and sassy, but I can’t wait for August.  Hopefully the weather stays mild.  It’s been in the 70s and should continue for the next 10 days or so.  I just wish I had some time off of work to go to the zoo with Red or take a day trip.  I can’t take time until August and by then it will probably be a soupy swamp outside.

Next ultrasound is in 12 days.  Hoping the baby’s kidneys are looking normal by then.