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yea, so tomorrow is the big day.  I am a little surprised I haven’t gone into labor yet.  I guess I just assumed that was a real possibility with me being so active and Red coming a bit early.  The c-section is scheduled 5 days before my actual due date.

It’s weird to know that tomorrow will bring a big change.  I am trying really hard not to think about the whole process…getting an IV is kinda scary and probably the least of my worries, but still freaking me out.  that and then getting blood drawn, a catheter, a shot in my back that basically paralyzes me….yea.  gotta stop my brain now.

We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning to check in.  c-section should begin around 7.  It’s going to be a long day.  But hopefully a really good one.  In retrospect.  I gotta keep my eyes on the prize and not think too much during the surgery.  Just try to relax and let RKY calm me down until I hear the baby cries.

Red will come visit that afternoon.  she has school in the morning.  It’s picture day.  I hope I don’t get all weepy when she shows up.  probably will.  Hormones.  sheesh.


still here

Still here.  Haven’t really felt close to labor.  Sometimes I think I am having random contractions and then I end up figuring out it’s just gas or me having to go #2 or the baby trying to stretch herself out.  I haven’t felt her since early this morning, so I am hoping to get her moving again by eating some sugar.  Just for peace of mind…and sugar.

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible sinus headache.  So instead of doing 5 miles, I went back to bed for an hour.  Then I woke up and still had time to run 3 miles.  After work I hopped back on the treadmill while I waited for my mom to bring Red home.  I managed another 2 miles.  I did 1 more mile later that night during Red’s limited Kindle time.  6 for the day… not exactly stellar, but I was happy because that meant today could be an easy day!

I was worried about waking up feeling crummy again since I coughed a lot last night.  However, I woke up and felt pretty good.  A little heavy headed.  I ran an easy 2 miles.  I hope to do 5-6 miles for my next two runs.  Take it easy a bit on Sunday (maybe) and then do a longer run on Monday.  My last day to run.  Maybe I will run twice for good measure.  I have suddenly gotten to the point where 5-6 miles feels like a lot.  I think it’s all mental, though I do feel twinges in my right hip and hamstring lately.

I hope to clean up the house majorly this weekend.  We are slobs.  I know this.  I also want to get some changing and pumping stations set up around the house.  I somehow ended up with 5 automatic breast pumps.  I think two of them are on the fritz from overusing them last go around.  Two are used ones I got in a swap, one I need to sterilize yet.  The other one is a Philips Avent one that I am not sure will work for me.  The Medelas worked best last time.  I have a Philips manual pump I need to assemble too.  That always worked well for me too, but was squeaky and obviously hard on my hand.

This weekend RKY begins his leave too (but only for 2 weeks).  So I hope we have some fun times.  Trying to plan out where I want to eat for my last big meal.  Maybe a burger from Red Robin.  Barbeque sounds good too.  Basically, anything with a lot of meat.  My last doctor’s appt is Monday morning and I’ll need to ask him what time to get the hospital and all that logistical stuff.  Also want to find out difference between spinal block and epidural and which I will be getting.  I could probably Google that.  I’m trying not to think about getting an IV, shot in my back, and catheter.  Then laying in the cold room being cut open and just waiting and waiting for baby’s cries.  Then being stuck on the table being stitched up while RKY gets to snuggle her.

Oh I just felt her move.  Sugar worked!


Well my run this morning did not go as planned, but then again, sort of did go as planned. I wanted to do 8 miles, but when I woke up, I was totally OK with the idea of doing just 5-6.  I started with 2 on the treadmill and felt fine.  Weather was in the 40s, so I headed outside and thought I could do a 3.5-4 mile loop.  Suddenly after the first mile, I got a side stitch.  I don’t get these much, and when I do, they go away quickly.  This one did NOT.  I slowed to 9 min/miles and ran on.  I could tell it was just gas pain because it felt better when I started burping haha.  Nonetheless, I ran back to the house after just 2.2 miles.  I walked around the house for a few minutes then hopped on the treadmill to see what happened.  No side stitch.  ugh.  I planned to power through til 6 miles total, but ended up going the full 8.  Yay.  I might attempt 8 again later this week.  Not sure yet.  Tomorrow I hope to run outside and not feel terrible.  Get in around 5-6 miles.  I have 24.5 to go to reach 150 for the month.  And 7 days to get it all in.

I had another Dr’s appt.  They seem pretty pointless, but I guess checking my BP and piss is pretty important at this point.  Weighed in at 146.6 which is slightly less than last week but still up 1.5 pounds from 2 weeks ago, so I am still on track.  Going to load up on cheeseburgers this week.  Not really.  My stomach still feels squished.  I did demolish some chocolate cake today.  When I found out that I can’t eat 12 hours before my c-section, I started to panic a bit.  They won’t let you eat afterwards for awhile either.  I’m hoping the narcotics will keep me from being hangry around the new baby.

RKY and I actually went on a date night on Saturday!  One of his employees watched the Red.  We went to a fancy restaurant.  He had bone marrow and pork belly.  I had a burger with chorizo and some kind of maple sauce with boetje’s green beans.  Mine was pretty good.  His was eh and he had to get a Snicker’s bar on the way home.  It was nice to be alone for a while.  God knows when that will happen again.

I’m pretty much over work at this point and willing to have the baby just so I can get a day off.  I don’t see that happening, so I will have to make up some work to do the rest of the week.  Maybe clean my office…maybe.

all about the pace

No signs of labor yet.  I am fine with that.  I decided my new goal was to get to 150 miles for the month of September.  That would average out to be 5 miles a day.  I am at 110 right now, so 40 more to go and t-minus 10 or 11 days til c-section. Not sure if I can/will want to run the morning of. Of course, she could come sooner, but I feel like she’s pretty happy in there.  Ran 7.3 this morning.  Outside running still gives me bellyaches, but not as brutal as before.  My right hamstring felt pretty tight which could be from the colder temps, or from my tight lower back.

RKY finally got the baby crap moved up from the basement.  He vacuumed and cleaned them up pretty good, but I am still paranoid about spiders sneaking around in it, so I am going to vacuum and clean them again this weekend.  We still need a new monitor, but it’ll be a couple of months at least before we’d use it.  We will have her in our room for probably a year, so it would just be needed for naps and while I am running and on baby duty.  I used to just put Red in her bassinet next to the treadmill and she would sleep.  She liked the noise.  Not sure how this one will react though.  Oh God, just please don’t have colic.

I told RKY to pick a name and I’ll have veto power.  I made my list ages ago, but he never looked at it.  I know what name he will probably pick though.  I am warming up to it.

Work has been OK lately.  I have gotten a lot of stuff wrapped up that I wanted to, but then something new will pop up at the last minute.  Plus I had to fill in last night for a sick person, so it was a long day for me and I feel like I haven’t seen Red enough.  I worked all last weekend so I am on my 9th day in a row of work.  Fingers crossed no one calls in sick this weekend.  Or that I suddenly learn to say no.  Except if I say no, it’s still my problem to find a sub.

You’re a werewolf and I’m a full moon

Another week gone.  I had to work all weekend, so it was kind of a bummer.  Plus Red was sick.  I think she finally beat it, but I’m going to go ahead on knock on wood.  She was pretty cranky when I woke her up this morning for preschool.  Plus, she is super angry about not being able to wear her Ninja Turtles pizza shirt every day ever.  She does have two of them now, but one has a stain from some silly putty that *somehow* ended up in her bed one night.  I’m just happy it didn’t get in her hair.

Yesterday it was raining when I woke up to run.  I usually do my longer runs on Mondays so I was pretty bummed and decided I would do a shorter one on the treadmill instead.  I usually don’t shy away from rain, but it’s difficult to zip my rain jackets over my bump, plus it was in the 40s.  I ended up doing my full 9 miles I had planned, on the treadmill.  Took 3 short hop off breaks, 2 for bathroom, 1 for water.

Had another uneventful doctor’s appointment.  He isn’t even doing internal checks or strep b testing because of my c section.  I’m not complaining.  Then we went to breakfast at Steak n Shake and to Toys r Us to spend my $5 rewards.  Red got another little Care Bear.  We came home and played for awhile.  She was finally hungry, after not eating for 3 days, and said she wanted a cheeseburger from McDonald’s.  I was thrilled she wanted to eat, so we went and she ate most her cheeseburger bun and yogurt tube.  Then we went to WalMart to look at Halloween stuff.  I wasn’t too impressed.   I like Target’s better, but they haven’t put it out yet.  Red still seems to want to be a pancake for Trick or Treat….

Worked last night and woke up this morning to do another run.  It was 40 degrees, but not raining, so I actually did head out after warming up on the treadmill for 2 miles.  My stomach ended up feeling pretty crummy again, but I eeked out 4.2 miles then I had a bathroom break that was quite relieving, and finished another 1.8 on the treadmill.  8 miles for the day.  Legs are feeling pretty good, so I plan on doing about 6 tomorrow before I take another easy/rest day.  I don’t feel like labor is coming anytime soon, but who knows?  Last time, I err “lost my plug” about 2 days prior, so if that happens, I will be freaking out.