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Remember when I found that thumb in my taco?

I am sorely disappointed in the amount of food I ate yesterday.  I’m not even a little bloated today.

That’s what happens when your two year old won’t sit at a table or eat food.  like ever.  How she still grows is beyond me.

The day started with me sleeping in until 7.  Took care of Red and got myself dressed.  I went with capri running tights, lucky shirt, lucky shoes, and my puma track jacket.  Added a hat and gloves.  The sun was out so it looked much warmer than it was.  I was almost late getting to the race but I had time to run a half mile or so to warm up.  I even stretched!  (for like 30 seconds).  Then it was time to shove ourselves into the start area.  They sang the National Anthem and then boom, we were off.  It was all very fast and I felt slightly unprepared.  I didn’t get a good starting position but it only took me maybe 15 seconds or so to cross the start.  I took off and immediately could not feel my feet.  I don’t think I felt them the entire race.  I was wearing my Mizuno Wave Evo somethings which offer very little protection from the cold.

The first mile is where the big hill is.  The good news is that the course was basically an out and back, so every incline had an equal decline.  It was rough getting up the hill before I felt warmed up, but I did decent and hit one mile at 7 min, or 6:45 chip time.  The second mile  continued up the hill and then we hit the split near the entrance to the park.  I was at 13:30, so that was a fast mile for me.  We ran through the park and crossed the halfway mat at 16:25 (chip time).  I only know these splits because they gave us a printout at the finish line.

I didn’t feel like I slowed down at that point, but apparently I did.  I hit 3 miles at 20:30.  Then it was another uphill before it leveled out and then finally we got to go down the big hill.  I hit the 4 mile mark at around 27 minutes.  I knew that finishing under 33 wasn’t happening, so I just let myself cruise in.  We turned and there was probably a third of a mile to go.  Two girls passed me and I decided that this time I would not just let them go.  I picked up the pace and passed them, then sprinted to the finish.  I was sucking (cold) wind big time.  I got my little print out and it showed me being 2nd in my age group, 10th female, 60th overall.  I was surprised that I did well in my age group.  Another surprise, only 3 other people in the top ten were local.  The top 3 females all finished under 30 minutes!  That’s crazy fast!

I’m slightly disappointed in my time.  I feel like I should have been in the 6:30s pace wise.   What slowed me down?  Not feeling my feet maybe?  I’m not sure.  Oh well.  I won a ham for getting 2nd AG, but I let them donate it to the food pantry.  I think most people do that.

Now I have no races.  Kind of sad.  Not sure what direction my running will go in for the next couple of months.


Who wouldn’t marry a guy who has his own flaming hoop?

So I pretty much only post when I have a race coming up or have just done a race.  On one hand it’s good because I can look back and see how I felt and how I trained before each one.  On the other hand, it is also pretty sporadic, especially this time of year.  I did not do the last race I signed up for and I realized that I did not do a lot of races I signed up for this year.  Money down the drain.  Well, some of them were for good causes.  The most expensive two I didn’t do?  NYC Half and Tower of Terror 10 miler.  Not even going to type out how much money I lost on both of those.

I have a race on Thanksgiving.  It’s a big deal (locally), a 5 mile Turkey Trot that has been going for years and years and I have never ever run it.  I usually like to lay around in sweatpants all day on Tgiving.  This will be my last race of the year.  My weekly mileage has been hovering near 40, with the exception of last week when I started out the week with stomach flu (again) and ended it with a nasty cold.  My nose is still a snot factory.  It has been balls to walls cold, so my hamstrings are sore from running in the freezing temps.   I think the temp on race day will be around 20, so I’m trying to figure out what to wear.  I will most definitely be wearing my lucky shoes and t shirt.  I  bought two pairs of running tights this year.  I hate running tights.  I hate the way I look in them, but they are surprisingly comfortable and warm.  So I suppose I will wear those and try to find a long jacket to cover my ass.

The last race I did was 5 miles and I finished in just under 33 minutes.  I am hoping that I can pull that off again, but I am not sure if my body will move that fast in the cold.  Plus this race course is unfamiliar to me and has a pretty decent hill.  I will just have to focus on “having fun” and dream about eating turkey and pie later that day.  It’s my only day off this week.  I always get stuck working around the holidays because everyone else asks it off early.  Plus they’re just bitchier than me and think they deserve the days off even though I have been working here longer.  Oh well, should be a slow weekend.  I’ll get a lot of online shopping done.