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about that

So there was that charity thing last week.  It went OK I guess. I was hoping to get in 20 miles but guess what?  I got bored.  I started to have flashbacks to that looped marathon I ran that made me want to cut off my legs and never run again.  I convinced myself to get to 10.  then I thought, well I should try to get to 13 miles.  My runkeeper was telling me that each loop was like.86 miles, so I had to do 15 laps.  That sounded like a good round number so I went with that.  The day was the muggiest of the year and RKY texted me that E had been up since 6 a.m., so it was a good decision.  I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get in my 20 miler, but it was supposed to be a cutback week anyway.

So the pressure was on to get in a good one this week.  I ran 2 on Sunday, 10 on Monday, 8 on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, 8 on Thursday and then started last night around 8:30.  I started inside with 2.5 on the treadmill.  Did 5 miles outside then came back in for another 2.5.  I felt good that I was halfway finished.  I had already fueled at 7.5 miles and that actually ended up being the only time I did.  I probably should have done more around 12 miles.  I went back outside and ended up running 8.5 miles all at once which is unusual for me, but I felt pretty good.  It was humid and in the 70s, but there was a nice breeze.  Once I got back to the house and only had 1.5 to go, I was stoked.  I ended up running another 2 miles to finish with 20.5 mile for my long run.  Avg pace somewhere around 8:20 I would guess.  I mostly kept the treadmill on 7.2 and my outside miles were 8:22 avg pace.  I felt really good after and thought, another 5.5 is doable.  But I am not running at my goal pace.  Hopefully I will be able to come race day.

I plan to do another 20 next week.  Probably Saturday night.  The next week I have signed up for a half marathon and thought I could do it as part of a long run somehow.  It is in the afternoon, so I am not sure if I would run in the morning and then again for the race (not really a race, just a fun run i guess), or do the extra miles afterwards.  Then it’s taper time!


baby let’s just party tonight

So when E was sick, that was rough.  I forget how awful it is when they get sick like that.  And it lasted a week.  After all of that, it screwed up her sleep schedule and made her ravenous, so she is still waking up in the middle of the night.  Getting to her sleep has been rough too.  I forgot how hard it is to get an older baby to sleep.  Lots of rocking while she is writhing around and yelling.  Lots of white noise too.  Fan going and baby shusher.  Sometimes YouTube white noise.  Last night it was just a 15 minute battle.  It’s easier when RKY is there and we can each take one kid.  Usually I take Red because he’s better with babies and I am better with toddlers.

It has been rough with us too.  People always say it’s not the kids’ fault their parents break up but I am starting to question that.  Kids bring a lot of stress to daily life.  There is no way they do not affect their parents’ relationship.  We are not close to breaking up, we don’t even fight., but we have been snappy lately and just not finding time to just be with each other.  Last night was good because I miraculously got them both to bed before he was home from work.  I sacrificed some sleep time to just hang out and we looked for shooting stars but didn’t see any.

My last long run on Friday night was 19 miles.  It definitely wasn’t as easy feeling as my 17 miler.  I was hungry again… wtf?  Maybe I am always hungry in the middle of the night but don’t notice it because I am sleeping.  It was also very humid.  I was soaked.  It was another run inside then outside then inside thing.  I ended up doing about 12 outside and 7 inside on the treadmill.  My next long run is 20 on Saturday.  It is a charity run on a .9 mile loop.  So 22 laps.  I will bring snacks and water for my car because I am not sure if they will have an aid station.  It’s a run as much as you want sort of thing.  I figured I might as well run my 20 because that will earn 110$ for the charity.  Then I will take a cut back week before going all in again for 2 more weeks.  That is the plan anyway…

putrid throat

E was sick for almost an entire week.  Can’t say it’s been fun for anyone.  Her sleep is still pretty off.  I guess she finally had to be woken up at 9:40 this morning so they could go to story time.  She seems considerably less crabby and her fever has dissipated, so that’s good.   I slept 4-5 hours most nights when she was sick.  I’m probably next to get it.

So last week I had intended to do an 18 mile long run.  I was able to squeeze in a long run on Friday night, but decided to do just 17. ( I had already done 2.5 that morning) I guess I wanted to save myself 8-9 minutes. hah.  But seriously, I started running at 10 p.m.  I ended around 12:30 and then still had to pump and shower.  Then I had to get up for work the next morning too.  But overall, the run went really well.  I always run better in the dark and at night.  It’s weird.  I was hungry when I got into the run, sort of like when I run in the mornings.  My fuel was a fruit and veggie squeezie thing and a hawaiian roll.  I ran 2.5 inside, then 5 outside.  Then 2.5 inside, and 5 outside.  Then I finished the last 2 on the treadmill.

I didn’t run on Saturday because, technically, I was running on Saturday.  So Sunday I took it easy and ran with Red in the stroller for just over 2 miles.  We stopped along the way to collect locust shells.  Monday I ran 8 miles with some stairs at the track.  This morning I ran 7.5 and I decided I had better do actual speedwork.  So I started with a weenie workout of 3×800.  I will try to increase that to 5 next week.  Tomorrow we are headed out of town, so I will probably do a midweek long-ish run.  Unless I’m sleep deprived again.  Plan on doing 19 this weekend and 20 next weekend for some charity thing.  I will have to run loops.  22 of them to get to 20 miles.  But each lap earns $5 for a charity of my choosing (from a drop down list).  I chose a cancer one.

Still haven’t registered for the actual marathon yet.  Don’t want to jinx myself and get an injury.