Monthly Archives: June 2016

you trapped me in your bubble dungeon

So my races didn’t happen.  I was actually signed up for that mile race and then I heard about a 2 mile race the same afternoon.  I figured that would be a better workout for my upcoming 4 mile race.  So I was registered for one race at 4 and one at 6 p.m. and didn’t end up doing either.  Because FLU.  Yea, I had a terrible flu for like a week.  Would not go away.  Missed a long run that I am going to make up tomorrow night.

While I had the flu, it did give me an opportunity to run short and fast workouts.  So even though I missed the short fast races, I did get in some good treadmill runs while delirious on ibuprofen/dayquil.  However, I seem to have strained my same damn hamstring that was busted all last summer.  I am being optimistic though and hoping it’s just soreness that will go away in a few days.

Last night was unusually cool, so I figured that I would take E out in the jogging stroller.  I banged out another fast workout (3.33 miles at 6:36 pace) and then got ready to go.  Well somehow we end up hitting a curb and the brake came on and we fell over.  And it was like 2 minutes into our run and super scary.  So I called it quits.  Also, embarrassing.  Not sure who saw it happened.

E has been still struggling to go to sleep at night.  Especially if she naps.  So that has been happening for about 2 months now.  Longer than any sleep regression should. 😦  Other than that, she has actually been less fussy and grumpy and generally very loving and cuddly.  She says Yes, No, Hot, Dad, (calls me DA! too), more (sounds like mom), and sometimes she will repeat random stuff.  Red didn’t really start talking until 2 and a half, so we got a ways to go.

I read 10 % happier by Dan Harris and have been trying to get in some meditation every day.  It isn’t that easy because I forget, or I get bored during it, but I really want to get into a routine of it.  If I do it at night after the kids go to bed, I pretty much fall asleep.  Any other time of day, I am working or with kids, so it’s hard to keep at it for more than a few minutes.

Work is very busy and I cannot wait to get some time off to do some fun summer stuff with the kids. Red got to go to VBS and Superhero Camp so far this summer.  She is starting swim lessons next week.   I took off July 5, so I will have a four day weekend, but first I have to suffer through this week.