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falling short

Well, that’s that.  Marathon over in a matter of a few hours.  Months of work for a short period of time and I fell short.  I can’t imagine what that would be like on an Olympic scale.

I feel like I did everything right and still it didn’t work out for me.  My training was comparable to 2012 when I ran 3:28.  I carbo loaded more than usual.  Drank Gatorade even though I don’t like it.  I took supplements like Sport Legs and Beta Alanine.  I walked at water stops starting at mile 4.  I was at 1:45 at the half which would have put me on pace for my goal.  So what happened?  I was a little bit hungry again during this race.  I had a poptart and hard boiled egg for breakfast.  I ate 10 shotbloks during the race.  Clearly I needed to eat a bigger breakfast.  I was feeling foggy already around mile 15.  The other thing that happened was my ankle.  During my last long run, it started to hurt at the end.  But it didn’t hurt again during my taper, so I didn’t really think about taping it or anything race morning.  It didn’t bother me at all until it suddenly started shooting pains just after the half mark.  It came and went the rest of the race.  Sometimes it was fine, sometimes it hurt pretty bad.  I didn’t see a medical tent anywhere to get it taped.  Then the sun came up.  At the start, it was in the 60s and was cloudy.  The sun came out around 2 hours in.  I started to seriously walk around mile 17.  I had to take my bib and put it on my shorts, move my headphones, and then ditch my shirt at a water stop.  I don’t like running in my bra, but I was super hot.  I am a bit sun sensitive so I was wearing a hat and sunglasses in anticipation of this, but I think the hat just made me hotter?  So I was run walking already.  I decided to run for 5 minutes and then walk for 1.  I decided to just run to my car at the 20 mile mark instead of doing the last 10k out and back.  I decided a lot of things, like I hate running and the sun and the island we were running on.  And I hated all the relay runner passing me and the half marathoners who had only a couple miles to go.

I came to the 20 mile mark and it was at 2:45.  I had 10k to go, so I figured, worst case scenario, 10 minute miles.  New Goal- 3:45.  Well, my legs were dead.  I had nothing in them.  I continued the run 5 walk 1 for awhile but that made time drag on.  So I started running by counting the orange cones.  Run 15, walk 10.  That helped.  I even walked in the last mile.  I was surprised to see that my time was 3:48 and change.  But wow, what a lousy second half.  What happened to my legs?  I did decent long runs.  I took Sport Legs!  Come on!

So today, I am quite sore in my quads and abs.  I taped my ankle because that pain is still there.  I am not running this week, but I do plan on working my upper body.  I don’t really know if I will be able to race again this fall.  I need a redemption run.  But I will probably fail at that too.  😦  I am a great optimist.


gurgly belly

Back from WDW.  It was a whirlwind of fun.  I think I have had my fill of Disney for a couple of years though.  I woke up Red at 4:30 the morning we left.  I just picked her up, put her shoes and socks on and she didn’t really didn’t ask why.  Then my parents showed up and my mom told her where we were going.  She was all smiles.  She was very chatty on the way to the airport.  She got moody later on the airplanes, but nothing too big.  The first night was spent in downtown Disney shopping.  My girl loves to shop.  We also ate at Rainforest Cafe which was OK.  It was very loud and even though I had a reservation, we still had to wait a long time.

The second day we ended up going to 3 parks.  Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom.  We didn’t do much in Animal or Hollywood.  Rode a flying dino ride, saw the Lion King Show, and then did the Bug’s life show and scared the hell out of Red.  To be fair, she was still pretty tired from the day before.  At Hollywood we saw the Little Mermaid show and rode the Great Movie Ride.  She was too short to go on the 40 inch rides even though by our measuring tape, she was fine.  Then we went to Magic Kingdom.  Lots of rides and fun there.  Small World, Teacups, Dumbo, Barnstormer (shortest ride ever), Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarfs, Fast Track, Monsters Inc., met Cinderella and Rapunzel.  We went back in the morning for more fast passes and did Aladdin, Jungle Cruise, Little Mermaid, Big Thunder Mountain, and another long wait for Seven Dwarfs.  But that was her favorite ride.  Then she had her makeover at the Bibbidi Boppity Boutique.  Oh lord it was bad.  I had to take it out a little bit later because it hurt and itched.

Then we went back to Magic Kingdom for the Halloween party.  We waited in line for Seven Dwarfs for a while.  Big Thunder and Splash Mtn were down.  After that, we headed to the parade and watched it.  Red liked it a lot.  Then we went and rode the Buzz Lightyear ride and met him.  She cried.  She was tired and a little scared.  We did Teacups again.  Then we did the People Mover which was cooler than expected.  We watched the light show on the castle and then waited for fireworks.  Left while those were still going off.  She fell asleep on the bus ride again.

Our last day we did not have park admission.  We swam and then went downtown again.  Bought more stuff. My mom bought me the coolest purse ever.  Then we waited for our Magical Express back to the airport.  Ate at Outback in the airport.  Red was pretty good on the way home.  She didn’t fall asleep until we were in the car on our way home.  We plan to go back when E turns 4 which isn’t for 3 more years.  We are considering going during Christmas time though, sometime in late November or December.

So now I have a marathon in hmm… 4 days.  I did not run at all during Disney, but my legs did not really get a break with all of that walking.  On Sunday I finally got around to running in the afternoon and did just 3.5 so I could hang with E and RKY most of the day.  Monday morning I was out and about for 8 miles and Tuesday I did 7.  I tried to do faster segments on the treadmill during these runs.  I really feel like the speedwork was non existent this summer.  But I still feel twinges in my damn hamstring.  Today I did not run.  I did arm and ab workouts instead.  Tomorrow I plan to do 5.  E has not been sleeping well, so hopefully I can get that in before she wakes up.  Friday will be a full rest day.  Saturday will be 3 easy peasy miles and then go to packet pick up.  Sunday will be 26.2.  (God willing)  I looked back at my long runs from this summer and previous marathon training summers.  They are not as good as 2013, but they are on par with 2012 when I ran my 3:27.  I am still sort of aiming for 3:30-3:35 because of my lack of speedy runs/races. Going to run by feel.  Got the music and the first serial podcast loaded on my shuffle that I will hopefully figure out how to use.  The weather will be a high of 80 so probably in the 60s while running.  Ugh.  Oh Lord, I hope I finish happy.

last hurr..ugh

Did my last long run on Sunday morning.  I woke up pretty well rested and ready to go.  Started with 2.5 on the treadmill and then headed outside in the dark.  Ran a big loop that was about 4.5.  Ran another 2 on the treadmill and started to feel crummy already.  My legs were stiff.  I also had a potty break in there somewhere.  Went back outside to the humidity and the rising sun.  My legs felt tired which was weird because i had only run 6 mediocre miles the day before, and a rest day the day before that.  After around 3 miles, came back inside to run on the treadmill again and get a break from the humidity.  Ran 2 more then headed back outside and ran just over 2 miles before I came back in to finish the run on the mill.  My original plan?  Do the last 4 miles at below marathon pace on the treadmill.  Instead, I struggled through 2 at 8:30 pace.  I think I even stopped and took a break at the halfway point.  Several times I contemplated stopping and calling it a day.  I had already done plenty of long runs.  I finished all 18 and then felt pretty crappy the rest of the day.  And lazy. But you can’t be lazy when you have little kids.

So what went wrong?  I am hoping that it wasn’t just running long in the morning that made it so hard.  Because the marathon starts at 7:30.  My body is used to running in the morning, just not necessarily for that long.  Is it my fueling?  Possibly.  I did not really eat before or during the run.  I didn’t feel tired in that sense, or hungry.  I think the weather played a big part  it was 79 degrees when I ran by the thermometer before 6 a.m..  So I hope race morning is about 30 degrees cooler.  And way less humid.

Red’s birthday party yesterday was a lot of fun.  We went with the cicada shell theme since we have a collection of over 100 from this summer.  She kept saying she wanted a “locust shell” party.  So Target made her a cake with a pic of shells on it.  We had a mini scavenger hunt for them, I hid a bunch on trees.  I also printed some pics off the internet and made decor from it.  We had bug flingers as well that the kids had some fun with.  Ate hot dogs and cake. Lit off a few fireworks. Overall I think it was successful.  Need to have another small get together at the end of the month for E.  She loves Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse.

and done. ish.

Saturday night was my last 20 miler.  whoooo!  But I still have 18 this weekend.  booo!  But not a big boo.  I had another pretty solid long run so I am not dreading the 18 like I normally would.  I think the key to having a good long run is to eat a lot of food.  I have been doing my long runs at night after a full day of sustenance.  So I guess come marathon morning, I will need to make sure I ate a bunch the night before and a decent amount for breakfast. But not too much.  That is the tricky part.  I don’t want to be starving like I was during Boston.  That was even trickier because I was pregnant and food was moving through me very quickly.  On this last long run, I had a bathroom emergency and had to dash back to my house as fast as my clenched buns would carry me to go.  So that is a bit of a worry.  But I hope on race morning I will be all cleared out and ready as ever.  The only fuel I used on my long runs was some apple sauce squeezy things.  I will not be doing those during the race because…fiber.  Instead, I have two packages of Shotbloks that I already bought because they were on clearance.  Maybe I will bring a pb squeezy or something more filling too, in case I get hungry.

So during the long run, a few kids on bikes called me a slut and then some random creepy guy yelled out that I shouldn’t be running alone this late at night.  Mind you, it was about 9 p.m.  I yelled back at him some curse words because I was experience long run anger, but it also gave me a nice bit of adrenaline for the last couple of miles.  I was done by 9:45 and showered by 10, so that was a good time for me to run.  I am probably going to do my 18 on Saturday or Sunday morning though so I can get some practice during the time I will actually be racing.

This week’s runs have not been great.  I took Sunday off because of the long run on Saturday.  Monday I was still stiff and sore so I only did 3 in a progression run.  8 min mile, 7:30 mile, 7 min mile.  Then we had some kid sleep issues again this morning.  I wish E would start sleeping through the night again!  I had to lay in bed with Red while RKY laid on the couch with E.  I finally was able to get up at 6:20 which didn’t leave me much time before work.  So I ran 4.5 miles before I had to shower and go go go.  I ran the first 10 minutes as a warm up and the next 3 miles at 7 min/mile pace.  Then did a fast cool down at 7:30 min/mile.  My plan was to do 10 miles, so I will try again tomorrow.  If not in the morning, then at night after bedtime.