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You are my anxiety.



I actually did do a 4th race this year.  I ran a local 5k (with less than 100 runners).  I ended up pushing Red in a stroller.  She’s 4 now, so she is heavy but she really enjoys it.

The beginning of the race she was whining and saying that she wanted to run it.  I kept trying to convince her not to because I thought we could do really well, but she insisted and I gave in.  She ran about 200-300 meters I would guess before she got tired.  We were dead last in runners. So I had a lot of catching up to do.  We were running on a small bike path, so that was hard to pass people on.  We passed tons of people in the next couple miles.  There were no mile markers or water on the course so I don’t really know splits or any of that.  I could see a couple girls ahead of us, but I didn’t have enough energy to catch up.  My upper body was tired and the wind was pretty brutal at some parts.

We got to the end and I could see the clock said 25:xx.  So i got Red out and let her run across the line with me.  We finished right around 26 minutes.  So definitely a slow time, even with a stroller. I was trying to guess my pace minus the couple minutes she ran, but I really have no idea.    We were the 4th women, but there weren’t awards or anything like that.

Overall I enjoyed it.  I think Red enjoyed it too, but she did ask for my phone to watch videos after a mile or so.




Been too long

I haven’t updated this thing because, well lack of training plan/races.  I could have done the Turkey Trot.  But I knew it was going to rain.  And rain it did.  All day on Thanksgiving.  But it was still a nice day.  And I ran 10 miles that morning instead of the turkey trot 5.

Ten miles is my long run right now.  Not because my legs can’t handle it.  But because I love my sleep.  I am making up for the past year with a baby I guess.  It’s so nice to not have to wake up at 4:45 anymore to pump before running.  The earliest I can get myself up lately is about 5:30 and that’s only once a week really.  I have been trying to do a week with runs of 10, 8, 7, 6, 5. Sometimes it doesn’t work out though.  Last week I could not get in a 10 miler because I got a cold.  So it went 8,7,7,6,3,3.  I have been really focused on getting faster.  I have been doing some 2 mile and 5 mile “time trials.”  my 2 mile best right now is 13:21.  I am trying to whittle it down to 12.  I guess my ultimate goal is to PR in the 4 miler and 7 mile races next year…in July.  So I have some time to get there.  I just really have to be careful not to get injured.  I probably will need to run some 5ks to get myself acclimated to racing fast again.  The only races I did this entire year was the 7 mile one and then the two marathons.

Christmas is coming! I am still struggling to find my old jolly self when it comes to Christmas.  I used to love it so much and over decorate and over buy presents.  I felt very jolly all December long.  I don’t get that way anymore which is sad.  I’m not sad, but I do miss that feeling.  It probably has to do with not having a winter break anymore and not living at home with my parents.  You know, real world stuff gets in the way. I always thought that it would come back with little kids.

I do really like taking them to Christmas-y stuff.  We went to the town holiday walk.  Then we went to another one where they had 14 different Santas wandering around and you could collect their trading cards.  That was a lot of fun.  The weather was unseasonably warm.  It will be until Christmas.  So that’s kind of nice but I really do like a white Christmas.   We also saw Santa at the mall and will be going to the library’s bake sale/story time/Santa visit this weekend.

Anyways, I ran 10 miles this morning.  Ran 2.75 on the treadmill, then outside for 6.25.  Last mile was back on the treadmill.  Sunday was 7, yesterday was 6 in under 45 minutes.  Glad to see my paces back in the mid 7s.  Tomorrow will probably be a full rest day.  I haven’t had one of those in a week.