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I hear those guys break thumbs

G-dammit.  We are in the midst of another polar wave, arctic vortex, freezer blast, whatever.  After taking two days off in a row last week due to my upper back having spasms, I ran for 6 days in a row.  And I got in 55 miles.  Wowza.  I had a much needed rest day on Tuesday and then I woke up yesterday with exactly zero motivation to run on the treadmill.  It was 6 degrees with -10 windchill, so I really had no choice.  I took some breaks to do planks and weights and ended up doing 7.25 miles.  After Red fell asleep last night I did 2 more.  I planned on actually doing cross training today with a 2 mile treadmill warm up, but Red woke up really early.  So we fell back asleep on the couch together.  I can probably fit in 2 miles tonight and maybe do some push ups or something.

Tomorrow is my long run day.  14 miles.  And it’s going to 0 degrees with -20 windchills.  I already have some shows lined up in my Hulu queue to help me get through 2 hours on the treadmill.  I’m going to start off with some Mindy Project, switch to Parenthood (THE DRAMA!),

and then go back to something light and funny like Parks and Rec or The Goldbergs.  I’m sure I will take a few breaks in there as well for water and stretching.  I always warn RKY that it is a long run morning so if Red is up early, he has to deal.

Saturday I might be able to run outside.  Fingers crossed anyway.  Then comes snow and snow and cold and wind for most of next week.  I think I’m going to say eff it and take it easy next week with lots of sleeping in, cross training, and short but fast indoor runs.


I am a wolf in a children’s story.

It’s 34 degrees out!  Tahiti, it’s a magical place.

(Actually it’s grey and foggy as hell out.)

I ran outside in the first time for like 2 weeks and my legs could feel it.  But it also felt so glorious to be drinking in fresh air, so I finished my long run and inadvertently did almost an extra mile.  That’s what happens when my phone acts up and I can’t use GPS.  I underestimate my running routes.

I woke up at 5 to get my long run in a day early.  It has been raining/misting most of today and tonight it will freeze over, so I decided to get my run out of the way in case it is too icy to run outside tomorrow.  I started out around 5:15 with 2.5 miles on the treadmill while watching the Mindy Project.  It was an ok episode, not as good as usual.  Then I threw on my coat, hat, and gloves and grabbed my phone.  Of course my phone was blank and i had to ditch it, but not before cursing it, banging it on the counter, and breaking it’s cover.  Very frustrating because I was in a time crunch.  I headed out and loved the cool, but not too cold air.  I kind of forgot about the fact that most of the side roads and sidewalks are covered in a good layer of snow and slush.  It sort of feels like running on sand or mud.  My ankles are a bit sore from running on the the uneven surfaces.  I did a 5.5 mile loop and considered stopping at my house for some water, but continued on and did another loop that was almost 4.  By the end I was scoping some fresh snow for hydration.  I wasn’t sure how far I had gone, so I hopped on the treadmill for another half mile and decided I had surely run 12 by then.  So I logged onto  runkeeper to map out my run and it ended up being close to 12.8.

I finished right at 7 and quickly went upstairs to shower.  Red was up and came in to the bathroom, so I grabbed her some milk and my Kindle and let her watch Cartoon Network in the bathroom while I showered and got ready for the day.  Then I got her dressed and we were in the car by 7:40 to drop her off at the babysitters.  If I hadn’t got stuck behind a slow car on the way back, I would have made it to work on time, but instead I showed up at 8:03.  No biggie.  Ate my breakfast in my office.  Hectic start to the day but I didn’t really mind it.  Some days work is the most relaxing part of my day.  I have a feeling today might be one of those days.

One time I left a flea market with a samurai sword

Well I don’t feel right bitching about this deep freeze going on, because it’s happening all over the country.  School has been cancelled and even the mall closed early.  Not my workplace though.  My boss is oblivious.

My treadmill and I have been surprisingly good to each other and I had two 50 mile weeks despite the weather.  I got a little nervous yesterday because the incline seemed to be way off but I think I corrected it today.  Yesterday the display said I was running my usual 1.5 incline but I felt like I was dying and my butt was working way too hard for that.  I think it was really on 3 or 4%.  I guess I needed another hill workout anyway.

Thursday should warm up to around 20, but it’s still going to be about 5 degrees and negative wind chill in the a.m. when I run.  So I have my fingers crossed for an outside run on Friday.  And, of course, for my long run on Saturday.  My long run is only 12 miles.  I say “only” now, but come Saturday I will be singing a different tune.

I don’t do training plans, but I do map out my long run schedule.  Right now I am thinking January will include a 12 and 14.  February will have a 15 and 16.  March will be the big month of 18 and 2 20 milers.  April begins the taper.  I’m trying to take it a little easier than I normally do for various reasons.  Not planning on PRing, just planning on having a fun time.   The amount of travel and logistics will be stressful enough.



Ugh, she never smiles. Is her mouth broken!?

Well despite mother nature being a total f@$ker, I got in 50 miles last week.  So far this week I have 33.  According to Runkeeper, last year I ran 2,264.3 miles.  I did 14 on the 31st to ring in 2014, 9 in the a.m. and 5 in the p.m.  Still not motivated to go much more than 8 miles on the treadmill in one run.

This weekend we will be warming up to the 20s, so I am hoping to squeeze in an outside run around 12 miles.  It’s supposed to be windy though.  But nothing like Monday when the high temp is going to be -9.  Next week just does not look promising for outside running.  My treadmill and I will have to continue our intimate relationship.

I do not do New Year’s resolutions. When I want to make a change, I do it right away.  I don’t wait until the 1st to make it happen.  Because I am bad ass.   Actually because if I start procrastinating on something, I will NEVER do it.  Like when the roofers took down our satellite dish in May and I have yet to call Dish to come put it back up.  And yes I am still paying 50 bucks a month for nothing.  Literally, nothing.

I am trying to feed Red healthier and that started on the 30th.  So far she put a pea and carrot chip into her mouth, but they came right back out.  So I am still secretly mixing in fruits and veggies to her V-8 juice and yogurt.   Spaghetti/pizza sauce counts as a veggie, right?  I bought her broccoli yesterday but I have a feeling she won’t be into eating anything that looks like her plastic tree toys.

I am always trying (and failing) to eat healthier, so I will continue that quest.  I got a blender for Christmas, so I need to find some smoothie recipes to try out.  Preferably something with spinach and blueberries because those are the only healthy foods I like.  Wait….no….yes… those are the only healthy foods I like.