miss bindergarten

Did my second 20 miler of the cycle last night.  Temps were in the 70s all day and the humidity seems to have dissipated for now, so it was fairly nice out.  Still a bit hot for my preferences, but I will take it.

I started on the treadmill at 5:30.  I watched an entire episode of Superstore which was 3.5 miles.  Then I headed out and decided to stick to new routes for the day.  My first outdoor loop was 4.5 miles. My legs felt kind of achy and i have been dealing with a stiff lower back so it didn’t feel great. I came back in to watch some Real Housewives and ran 2.5.  Headed back out and ran 4 miles.  Came back inside and ran 2 miles.  Went back outside and the sun was almost down, so it gave me a boost and I felt really good, but i was running pretty dang slow in the 8:30s.  I ran about 3 miles then came inside to finish up on the treadmill.  Ran a total of 20.2 miles.  My average pace was probably 8:20s.  I had another one of those “Oh God how am I going to run that plus 6 more miles on race day at a faster pace?!” moments.

I finished my run around 8:30, took a bath and then settled down to watch TV with the kids before bedtime.  I usually have a hard time settling down after a long run, so I took a Benadryl and fell asleep around 11.  Slept in today until 7.  That felt good.

Tomorrow is my little Red’s first day of Kindergarten.  I don’t feel terribly sentimental, probably because she has pretty much been going to a school her whole life.  I am worried that she is going to pick up a diva attitude from other girls at school.  That is probably inevitable.  Because of her late September birthday, I still have 4 more years until E starts Kindergarten.


The two week wait.

Twenty miles tomorrow.  I get to sleep in and still get out for 3 hours of running. woooo!  Temp should be mild, so I’m stoked about that.  Then I will only have one long run left.  I have been trying to run more miles at faster paces.  I dread it a bit though.  My lower back has been giving me real fits lately.  Lots of tightness.  I hope to stretch it out and be nice and loose for the race in just 5 weeks.  ahhhhhh

onward and downward

Another disappointing race.  Gahhh.

The 7 miler was Saturday.  The weather was really nice.  Lower 70s and humid but it was cloudy and grey.  The weather didn’t bother me, I don’t think.  The whole first half of the race was good for me.  I felt good, I felt a little slow but figured that I could make it up the 2nd half.  The first mile was up the hill and in the sardine can, so it was 7:20 or so.  Some years this first mile has been above 8, but this year I started further up in the corral.  The second mile was probably around 645.  Third mile is a little hilly but I managed to cross in like 21:10, so I figured I was right on for a 7 min mile race.  The half way point I was 24:45 I think?  So I made my goal to finish in under 50.

Shortly after the turnaround I felt horrible.  I got nauseous and even a little dizzy. From there it was all downhill.  I thought about stopping to walk several times.  I was well fueld and hydrated so it wasn’t that.  I think the humidity got to me? I googled some stuff and read about how the humidity diverts blood flow to your skin so if you have a lot in your stomach- especially protein- it can make you nauseous.  So maybe it was that?  Ugh so annoying.  I struggled and felt a little better after the 5th mile but didn’t have much in me.  My stomach was still crampy.  The final downhill I was fighting it and should have been letting myself go. The final sprint I still had a rock in my belly.  Finished in 50:46 which is just 4 seconds last year when I did  almost no speed work.

The rest of the day I just tried not to think about the race because I was so disappointed.  Maybe I am just too old to be racing?  Maybe marathon training is too much for me?  Anyways, I am trying to have a better attitude and look forward to the next race but I will worry about eating the right thing and resting and so on.  Not sure what the next race will be.  Still haven’t registered for the marathon yet either.  I have my first 20 miler later this week.  Yikes.


My first race of summer did not go well.  It was the one that runs right by my house, and is at night time, so it’s usually my favorite.  Saturday morning I took the kids to the farmers’ market and to story time at the bookstore.  Then we chilled at home for a long time and went to the parade.  It was pretty hot out, but not too humid.

Red ran the kids’ race at 7:30 pm.  I ran it with her .  It was like any other race, super congested and then a bit faster at the end.  I think she was frustrated with the crowd, now she knows how I feel.😉

I went home and hung out in the AC.  At 8:30 I ran a mile on the treadmill and then ran to the starting line.  It felt hot with all the bodies waiting and it seems like night time brought on more humidity.  It was probably about 72 degrees though, not bad.

We started and I felt a little on the tired side but didn’t think much of it.  I did not run with my Runkeeper.  Right before the first mile I landed on my leg and felt something slip.  It was like a mild sciatic pain for the rest of the race.  Annoying, but shouldn’t have been a big issue.  No one was saying the time at the 1st mile.  The 2nd mile I started to struggle.  Felt hot and annoyed at my leg.  Crossed the 2 mile mark in 13:25.  I was sad to hear this.  My new goal was to finish in under 27, but I knew that would be hard.  Third mile I felt crampy in my stomach.  I think I need to lay off the pop again.  Just was discouraged and not feeling it.  At mile 3 the timer said 20:30, I think.  The last mile is the one by my house.  E was sleeping on my mom in the yard and Red was helping hand out water at the stop.  I ran by and waved.  Didn’t get a great boost from it and really struggled up the hill.  Finally turned and just kept chugging along.  I could see one female in front of me but didn’t really try to pass her.  No one had passed me since early in the 2nd mile, so maybe everyone was struggling.  We made the final turn and they started announcing the finishers.  the highlight of the race was that the announcer said here comes (my name) who has been running this race for many many years and ran with her little one earlier🙂

I crossed the line in 27:20.  wah wah.  I was expecting 26:30-40ish.  Based on my training, I really think I should have been able to run 6:40s. But nothing seemed to be clicking for me during the race.  Before the race, I felt fine.  So I guess I am not sure what happened.  It wasn’t my night.  I think I have a great race in me somewhere.  My legs could really use a rest, but marathon training.

Sunday I ran an easy 3 on the treadmill.  Monday I ran 10.25.  Tuesday I ran 6.5.  Wednesday I ran a fast 2.  This morning I ran 6.5.  I felt pretty crummy during this run and discouraged but then towards the end I felt good.  The plan is to run 6 tomorrow and 16.5 on Saturday so I get in 50 miles.  Next week I hope to get in 50 miles again and complete an 18 mile long run.  The next week after that will end with the 7 mile hilly race that I am hoping will go better for me.



Last night I did my first long run in a long time.  I did 14.5 miles on June 3rd.  I had an 11 miler and a few 10s as well between then and yesterday.  When I checked the weather it said 90% chance for storms during the time I planned to be running.  So I mentally prepped myself for a long treadmill run.  Luckily, they were wrong again.

After work, the kids and I went to Target.  E was bad and running away from me and refusing to sit in the cart.  So fun.  When I got home it was looking like rain so I quick put on my running stuff and hopped on the treadmill to get in a couple miles first.  I actually got sucked into a Real Housewives reunion and ran 3.25.  Looking out the window I could tell that the rain had blown over and now it was sunny.  It was also humid but not terribly hot for June- around 78 degrees.  So I started out on a big loop.  Ended up doing 4.5 miles in that loop and then changed my shoes.  I was wearing my new Under Armour shoes that have a lot more cushioning than I am used to.  They felt like they were squeezing my toes too.  I was happy to switch back into my Nike Frees that have the holes in the toes.

Got back on the treadmill and ran 2.75 miles before deciding to head back outside.  I had 4.5 miles left and eventually just decided to do the rest outside.  I slowed down a lot but I also think my Runkeeper was having issues.  I ended up completing 9.1 miles total outside and 6 inside.  Outside miles were 8:10/mile and inside were about 8:15-8:20/mile.  About 30 seconds slower than GMP, so that’s good.  I did not fuel since I had eaten dinner not long before.  I felt pretty fine the whole time, just had some stiff legs and lower back at times.

My next long run will be in 2 weeks after the local 4 mile race.  I guess my goal for that race would be to get in the 26s.  The lower, the better.  Then my long run the next week will be 16 or 17 miles.  I am just making up this training “plan” as I go, so I need to do some calculations to see how many long runs I have left.  The marathon I want to do is Sept. 25 but there is another one in October I might do as well.  So if the Sept one has hot weather again or crappy weather, I will have a back up.  Neither race will sell out.