So winter arrived a few days ago.  I guess I should say late fall.  Prior to that the weather was in the 60s and even 70 some days.  Unusual but I’ll take it.  The last nice day was Friday and I ran in shorts and a t-shirt.  I’ve since been a wuss and only run inside since then.  Ran 10 on Friday and then 6 on Saturday.  Ran 6.25 yesterday and 3 today.  Tomorrow I hope to do 8.  Leading up to Thanksgiving I’m trying to get some solid running in.  Not that I need to watch my weight.  I have probably lost 5 pounds in the past 3 months, maybe a little more.  I just want to keep my mileage high and stay strong during this pregnancy.  I haven’t been doing much fast running.  No motivation in the morning, plus I never know if there is a too fast for the baby.

Speaking of the baby, she/he is 1/3 cooked.  I’m 13w2d today.  I have another appointment next Wednesday.  Today is the first day I haven’t felt nauseous.  It’s amazing.  Yesterday I was lamenting to myself about never feeling normal or hungry again.  Then boom, today I feel fine.  I still have some aversions and no food sounds very appealing, but I am not sick.  I am actually hungry right now, luckily I have my break in about 25 minutes.  I’m hoping all this nausea helped lower my blood sugar.  But I won’t have that test for another 3 months so I have gotta watch my sugar intake.  Maybe I will actually pass the 1 hour test this time.

E is turning into a real empathetic sweetie.  But she’s Jekyll and Hyde and has her completely monstrous moments too.  Hopefully those subside over the next few months and her communication skills improve.  She talks a lot, but it’s still a guessing game what she’s trying to say.

Red seems to be doing well in school.  She definitely gets tired of it towards the end of the week but for the most part, she doesn’t complain.  Her reading skills are getting good and we are working on counting.  She seems to always skip the # 13 for some reason.  maybe she is superstitious.  haha.

The dogs are doing fine too.  H got loose the other day.  I think he crawled under the fence or the gate?  I couldn’t find any holes.  I moved the railroad ties around the loose parts of the fence so hopefully the keeps him in.  T has got to be close to 12 now.  He’s my old man but he’s not too grumpy yet.  Just with E mostly.  I think he pees on the floor in the morning because it’s too dark for him to see outside.  :(  Love him so much.


Finally had a Dr. appointment today. It took forever and was different from my old doctor.  I got a lot of questions about later in pregnancy and what b.c. I want after baby and I was like, uhhh we haven’t even heard a heart beat yet.  Finally I had to strip down, the doctor did a full physical.  He got the doppler out and had to do a lot of pushing around to finally find the heart beat.  Baby is buried pretty far in there, but it is there and OK.  I had some cultures done and then I had an ultrasound.  It was odd because it was like an inside U/S.  That was the first time I have had one of those.  But it made it easier to see the baby and get measurements.  Got a few pics that look like a blob, the usual.  Seems to be measuring right around what we guessed- 10.5 weeks.  Baby was moving around a lot and heart rate was in the 170s.  I was a bit bummed to find out that the anatomy scan won’t be until my 22 week appointment which, at this rate, will be more like 22.5 weeks.  So hopefully end of January I will find out.  My gut feeling is boy but maybe I just really want a boy now.

I’m still insanely nervous about the c-s but I am trying to view it as a necessary surgery.  People have surgery every day.  I can get through it.  Hopefully it will be much better than last time.   I will probably be getting tubal litigation done as well.  Ugh, scary.

comet, it makes you

Holy shhhh  just dropped off Red at school and it took 13 minutes to get through the whole drop off process.  It was pouring rain so it was the first time we drove instead of walked.  It’s still pouring rain and it looks like night outside.  My run was obviously on the treadmill this morning.  I wasn’t really into it but I did do 5.5 miles working my way down to 10k pace (around 7min/mile).  It’s been really hard to motivate myself running wise.  I don’t have much energy to run fast because I am sooo nauseous. I can’t eat much and some foods repulse me.   Around 6 weeks is when it started.  I am 9.5 now.  I think I’ve lost 5 pounds but my scale is funky so I’m not sure.  I’ve been working through it all.  I usually only puke at night.  The worse was when I got migraines and that combined with the usual nausea was too too much.  That happened like 3 times a couple weeks ago.  It hasn’t happened again, so fingers crossed.  I just throw up once a day after I brush my teeth at night.  Oh and this morning.  And the other night when our house smelled like food.  hah. So maybe more than once a day.

My first Dr. appointment is a week from today.  I will be 10 weeks 4 days along by then.  At least I hope.  There’s always that possibility there won’t be a heartbeat.  I have been so sick that I haven’t been too worried, but you never know.  I won’t fully feel pregnant until I hear the heart.  When will I tell people?  Maybe around Christmas.  Maybe my belly will pop earlier than the last 2 times (around 25 weeks)  and I will have to tell early.  Maybe I will just wait until after the 20 week u/s.  We’ll see.

not as cool as ball lightning fusing all of our butt cheeks together.

Well I have no race plans, so I am just running about 40 miles/week.  Morning sickness hit me about a week ago and seems to be getting progressively worse.  It hasn’t really affected my running much, I actually feel better while running, not getting the dizziness I was.  That could also be due to my sinuses feeling clearer.  The worse I have felt is when twice I got migraines.  That plus the nausea is just a terrible combination.  The only thing that makes my migraine go away is a night of sleep.  I am praying I don’t get one today.

I managed a 10 miler this past weekend and I am planning on keeping up with that- doing a long run on the weekend when I have a bit more time in the morning.  Today has been my first day off in over a week.

I had a nurse appointment yesterday. My old Dr didn’t do those.  They just took my blood pressure and asked me a bunch of questions.  Really pointless. I wish they would have tried to hear the heartbeat.  At least I wasn’t charged for it.  Yet.  My next appointment is 3 weeks from today. If all goes well,  I will be 10 1/2 weeks pregnant by then.

Big EZ

After the race fail weekend, we had a birthday party for Red and E.  RKY’s parents came to my mom’s house.  I set up a bounce house.  My aunt and cousin came.  A couple hours late, one of my sisters came with one of her kids.  That was it. My dad had to go to work.  Kind of disappointing.  E woke up in a bad mood too, so it took her awhile to have fun but eventually she got some jumping in.  Red and I jumped a lot.  We had cake and they opened presents.

The next big thing I had was a trip to New Orleans with my mom.  I left early on Thursday morning and came back Saturday evening.  We had a long layover in Dallas on Thursday so we ate some breakfast and eventually made it to New Orleans just before 1.  The airport shuttle took foreverrrr.  We immediately dropped our stuff in our room and went out walking.  We met up with my sister, her bf, and my aunts.  We ate at a little bar on Bourbon Street and walked around.  Overall the city looked and smelled dirty.  We went to a voodoo shop and then walked around Jackson Square and down by the river.  After that, we went back to the hotel to rest for a bit.  Then we changed and headed out to Oceana Grille, for the rehearsal dinner. The food was really good but socializing is not my favorite.  We were there for over two hours.  After we left, we walked back on Bourbon street and things were getting crazy.  Saw a drunk Elmo.

We were pretty tired from getting up around 4 a.m, so we went to bed around 9:30.  The next morning we went out to breakfast with my sister and Jon.  City workers were hosing off the streets and everything smelled pretty rank.  We found some bar on Decatur street that was serving breakfast.  I had some eggs and tried some beignet sticks which were not good.  We caught a cemetery tour at 10.  It was two hours long and was very historical, not very spooky.  It was good and interesting but about 30 minutes too long.  It was sort of draining trying to listen to this guy with a heavy NOLA accent.

After the tour we ate lunch in our hotel and then decided to go to the Audubon Insectarium.  Our original plan was to go to the aquarium but it closes early on Fridays.  The insectarium was actually really cool.  I took a lot of photos there.  We spent about 2 hours there with Jon.  He went back to the hotel and my mom and I continued walking around.  We found a mall and wandered around there for awhile.  The only thing we bought was fudge from the Fudgery.  We walked on Decatur a little bit more but we were sooo tired.  We went back to the hotel and I just laid in bed for about an hour and then got up to get ready for the wedding.  We caught a bus to the venue and arrived at 6:45.  The ceremony didn’t start until 7:30 so there was a lot of wandering around and mingling with family.  The ceremony was really nice and quick.  It ended with fireworks and  5 piece jazz band.  Then we went inside and were immediately overwhelmed by waiters and waitresses bringing us delicious food.  They had dozens of different kinds of foods, supposedly 75 different kinds.  I tried probably 5 or 6 different things.  The first bus to bring us back to the hotel didn’t come until 10:45, so we milled around inside and outside.  They did some speeches.  Some people danced.  Nearly everyone caught the early buses when it was time to leave.  We just hurried to get ready for bed since we had to leave at 7 in the morning.

Coming back home was pretty uneventful.  Always a good thing when you are flying.  I read most of the flights.  We ate meh food at both airports.  Landed home around 2:30 and my dad picked us up.  It was nice to be home again with my girls.  We played at the park for a long time later that evening.  It’s getting dark at 7 p.m. so it’s easier to transition to bed time.  Sunday morning I was able to sleep in and run during Sunday school. Got in 7 miles while feeling kind of icky in my stomach.   Typical as of late.  This morning I got up early and ran 6 miles.  I actually felt pretty good despite being really hungry from fasting for my blood work.  Weather is great now.  Turned the day after the marathon, of course.

I will have to take my running day by day now and hope that in another month I start to feel a bit better.  I hope to do some 10 mile long runs most weeks.  No races I have committed to yet, but we will see.  I just want to enjoy the perfect running weather.