This will be a fresh race report.  I ran a half marathon this morning.  The only reason I get to update this is because I am at work.  So I am doing this because Sundays are slow.

Conditions were rainy this morning but otherwise, everything was nearly perfect.  Low 50s for temps, overcast (obviously), and my stomach felt great.  I was a little panicked about getting my packet and a parking spot, but it ended up being fine and I had a half hour to kill before the start.  Right before the race started, the rain began to pour down.  The sky was pretty light so I thought it would be on and off, but nope.  It rained the whole time with varying intensity.   Running in the rain doesn’t bother me, this was cold rain, so I did feel a bit stiff at the beginning.

I started the race listening to Serial season 2, which was underwhelming.  I had to hold my  phone because it was too big to fit in my flip belt.  It’s a couple days old so I am still getting used to it.  I had Runkeeper going and I checked it maybe 5 times.  I started out at a comfortable pace and decided I just wanted to have a nice comfortable long run.  I guess I took that a little too seriously though.  My pace for the second mile was 7:55, which I only saw after the race.  I could tell I was going pretty slow for me but I just didn’t want to feel like crap at the end.

The race is basically two out and backs.  The first few miles seemed long.  We turned around at 3 miles out and ran back to the start area.  Then we turned and did another out and back for the last half of the race.  It was pretty boring.  My music started up after one episode of Serial and that pumped me up a bit.  I started checking my pace and seeing that I was a bit on the slow side.  So I picked it up and started passing people one by one.  I passed a lot of people in the 2nd half of the race.  I didn’t want to really kick it in until the last 5k, so I kept holding back a little bit.  Once I crossed the 10 mile marker I finally felt good and ready to go.  So that mile was around 7:20.  The next was 7:11, and the last mile was 6:54.  Whoops.  I definitely had too much left in the tank.

My time was mediocre for me but pretty much where I wanted to be.  1:38:50-something.  I got a medal, bottle of water and flower then walked to my car.  I changed out of my soaking shirt and drove home shivering.  When I got home, I looked at my splits and saw the huge negative split.  So that was cool.  I actually felt really awesome at the end especially when I was passing so many people.  I wish every race could be like that.  But that would mean taking it really easy the first half.  I will try to remember that during my next marathon.

So Overall, the race was a bit boring but I always look back with rose colored glasses when I finish strong.  So I am happy with my time and hope it will be a catalyst for a strong summer of running.  Looking forward to my next race (I need to find one!)

For the record- breakfast- turkey roll-up and Snickers bar.




Better late

I sucked it up and ran another 5k last weekend.  It feels like forever ago and it was less than a week.  It was down at the minor league baseball stadium and all proceeds went to support their scholarship program.  It started at 9 a.m. and was right around 50 degrees, so the weather was perfect.

The start was a short walk away, so after warming up for over a mile (I also ran 1.5 miles before I drove down there), I walked to the start.  I stretched out a little bit and hopped in near the front of the crowd.  I would guess there were about 500 people running.

The start was about a block run and then a left turn onto a bridge over the river.  The bridge is over a half mile long so there was a good quarter mile incline then flat part and then a downhill into IL.  We turned left off the bridge and ran along a bike path that is right on the riverfront.  Besides the one uphill at the beginning, the race was flat.  Right at one mile I needed water.  The wind was giving me dry mouth.  The timer at 1 mile said 7:30 so I was like wow I am running slow.  I didn’t care at the time though because I was still the first woman, but it was a little discouraging.  My runkeeper turned off, I must have hit something, so I didn’t get splits during the entire run but at the end of the race, I knew the timer or mile marker was wrong.

After the first mile, I got a side stitch.  It wasn’t bad and I usually don’t have a problem with them sticking around too long.  This one decided to stick around and then my stomach started to hurt.  It was pretty crappy the rest of the race.  I felt like puking and I dry heaved a couple times, but I tried not to think about it.  I am definitely not eating eggs before a race again.

We ran back over the river on a different bridge.  This one is grated so they had some carpet put down on the ped path.  I don’t think it slowed me down any.  Before turning on the bridge I saw a woman not too far behind so I tried to speed it up.  The last bit was running to the stadium.  I was under the impression we did a lap around the outside before coming in, so it felt like I had a long way to go.  Luckily we just ran in through a tunnel on the close side.  We ran down the sideline and over home plate to finish.  The clock said 20:33.  So really, not as bad as I expected.  I wish my app had worked so I could see my splits and actual distance though.

Although it was 10 sec slower than the last race, I think I did pretty well.  Especially considering my stomach troubles.  I will probably go back to eating a Snickers before I run but that doesn’t usually fill me up enough. I will have to experiment.

Red ran the kids’ race at 10.  I met them after my race and then we ran around the stadium’s warning track and then sideline and to home plate.  She had fun.  Then she bounced in the bounce houses and they started awards.  So I was actually there for an awards ceremony.  It was cool but embarrassing.  I had to stand on a podium.  They gave me a wood bat for 1st.  It was cool, I wish it was engraved with my place.  I also got $15 for Fleet Feet sports.

Overall I think it was a cool race and I will hopefully do it again.  Not sure when my next 5k is, but I definitely want to get closer to breaking 20.


My first race of 2016 is in the books.  It was my first 5k race in like 2 1/2 yrs.  Saturday afternoon at 6 p.m. was the  5k.  It was at a local island in the river, the race was basically one big loop with a footbridge out and back right before the 2 mile mark.

It was cold- somewhere in the lower 40s.  I wore a jacket but decided to ditch it after the warm up.  I seem to get pretty hot and sweat a lot more than some people when I run.  I had on capri tights too and just a soft cotton tee.  While I was warming up, I realized I was hungry.  Dangit.  I had church at 4, so when I got home at 5, I quick ate a hard boiled egg, but that wasn’t enough.  I quickly ran back to the clubhouse to search for food.  They didn’t have any save for some pretzels at the bar.  So I ate a handful of pretzels and then stopped in a port a potty to pee again.  We lined up at the starting line and I stayed back a little bit though I didn’t see anyone that looked very speedy.  When we took off I ended up in 2nd place behind a tiny girl who I figured to be around 12 or so and thought maybe she would be speedy.  Well she quickly slowed and I ended up in 1st place right behind a pack of 4 men.  My goal was to pretty much stick near those guys.  I actually decided to run with my Runkeeper on, so after the first mile flew by, I checked my pace.  6:26.  Nice.  I hoped to pick it up so I could sub-20.  I was feeling good and actually didn’t feel like I was going that fast.  The 2nd mile I kept waiting for this footbridge.  It came near the end.  It was the only incline and it wasn’t really much, but I think it slowed me down because I was being cautious not to lose my footing.  At the turn around I got to see that there weren’t any other ladies anywhere close to me.

At the 2 mile mark, I grabbed a water because… pretzels.  I checked my Runkeeper- 6:40 pace.  Better pick it up.  So I tried picking it up and felt myself closing in on some of the men ahead of me.  During my warm up I turned around .7 miles from the finish line, so I kept waiting for that spot.  I also kept track of where .5 miles from finish was, so then I concentrated on getting to that spot.  That was really helpful.  In the last quarter mile, the bicycle lead came back to ask me what my name was and to tell me not to worry, no one was close to me.  I had to tell him my name and that threw off my breathing which was annoying.  I tried to kick it in but I could see that I wasn’t going to break 20, so I wasn’t that motivated.  I finished in 20:23 which is a 6:35-ish pace.  I am very happy with that.  For my first race this year and first 5k in a loooong time, that is awesome.  I feel like I am only going to get faster from here.  I hope that is true.  It also motivated me to sign up for some more 5ks, so I found one in April to do and I will do the half in May and see what other 5ks come up.

Here is the Runkeeper data

6:26. 6:50, 6:36, and the .1 @ 6:11  total climb was like 126 haha.

I do need to do some hill workouts at some point, not all races are this flat, though most of them here are.

I guess my goal now is to eat better before a race.  I figured that out already with my first fall marathon this year, but this was in the evening, so timing was different.  I wouldn’t do anything different pace wise, I was pretty consistent and no one passed me.  I didn’t pass anyone in the last mile or so either.

Sunday I ran an easy 6 miles in the afternoon.  Monday I only got in 1 mile.  Tuesday Red woke up at 3:30 puking.  After she was back asleep and in bed with RKY, I got in a long run of 12 miles.  This morning she was still restless so I hope to sneak in a run later.



Checking in

After all that weird pain and then the delightful steroids, things have been going better for me.  I bounced around trying to decide whether or not to train for a spring marathon.  I have finally decided on nixing that idea.  I will just try to do a half or two this spring and hopefully do some shorter races as well.  I still have some goals of PRing in the 5k and other shorter distances, so now is the time to try.  I have to find some 5ks to do and hopefully start out running a 20:xx and ending with a 19:xx.  A PR would have to be like 19:20.  I had to stop speedwork with the knee pain etc but I have picked it back up.  I am also still running long-ish.  I ran 12 last weekend and 11.15 this past one.  I’m hope to be running around 15 by the time I pick up marathon training in June.  That would be a solid start to my long runs for a fall race.

I have a reminder set for myself to register for Chicago.  But then I went online and tried to find a hotel and holy mother of baby Jesus.  Just like in Boston, the hotels are like 400-600 dollars per night.  I am still considering registering and then figuring out where to stay later.  Or how to ride the el downtown.

At home things are going well.  Red has kindergarten round up on Friday.  She is very excited and bragging about how she will only be 4 when she starts school.  (for about 3 weeks).  I had a conference with her teacher this morning and she agreed that Red would be ready for kindergarten. PreK would be boring for her.  Part of me wants to wait because then that’s an extra year at home before she leaves me for college.  I am insane.

E won’t be going to Kindergarten until she is almost 6.  So Red will be in 4th grade.  That is an insane gap to me, who had a sister one year ahead of me.  I think E is pretty smart and would be ready when she was 4, but I am not sure they are allowed to bend the rules.  She’s two weeks after the current age cutoff.

E finally has some teeth coming in.  I hope they don’t make her cranky again.  She was pretty ornery during January but she’s perked up quite a bit since then.  She’s also been sleeping better KNOCK ON WOOD SO HARD.  She loooooves being outside.  It was nice this weekend so we went out and played at a park and took walks.  But it’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, so we will be back inside for another week or so, at least.  Can’t wait for outdoor adventures with my girls.  And my corgi boys.  And human boy RKY.

It’s never too early for ice cream

Well long time no post.  I have been running.  It hasn’t been much. Hovering between 35-40mpw.  I think I ran more when I was 8 months pregnant.  This winter I was running fairly consistent weeks of 10, 8, 7, 6, 5 and sometimes a quick 2.  I got some knee pain that was accompanied by pain in all my joints…  So that was weird but the doctor got me some steroids and it took care of all of that.  I haven’t had issues since.  I haven’t been doing as much speed work though.    I am still not sure if I will do a spring marathon.  I do want to, so I can relax this summer and just focus on short races.  But then I also think, I probably will run a fall marathon anyway.  So since I haven’t done any long runs yet, I think IL marathon is out and Rockford may be in.  We will see.

This morning I had actually planned on doing 11-12.  On the treadmill.  (All my runs this entire winter have been on the treadmill except maybe one or two around Christmas) I went to bed earlier and woke up at 5:15…only to have E wake up 5 minutes later.  So she slept off and on until 7 as I lay beside her.  Tomorrow R is out of town in the a.m., so I can’t do it then.  I will probably just push it back to this weekend and hope she sleeps better.  She is finally getting teeth, so that might be the issue.  She has been pretty bi-polar -ish lately.  Super fun and hilarious and then BOOM crazy screeching fits.  My mom has been taking care of them because my babysitter just up and quit on me.

Not much else to report.  I am so over winter.  We are going a bit stir crazy.  Can’t wait to play outside again and not stuff everyone into winter coats and hats when we leave the house.  RKY and my 12th anniversary is in 2 days.  I think we are going to see Deadpool one night.  Our date night babysitter flaked on us the past 3 or 4 times, so we are trying a new one that he knows.  We will see if the date actually happens or not.