lazy arse

This is my second day off in a row from running.  I am a piece of sh*t.  Nah, I don’t really feel that bad about it.  I ran 14 on Saturday.  My hamstring was iffy the entire run and then my knee hurt.  My IT band on my left leg.  Usually it’s my right that I have issues with.  So yesterday I slept in and my exercise was carrying E around Target while I grocery shopped.  Girl was not having her car seat.  or the cart seat which she is still too small for anyway.

This morning I woke up and considered doing 5 on the treadmill since it was raining, but then I said, nah.  Went back to sleep until 7:15.  No one else in the house woke up until 8:15.  Tomorrow I better be able to get my butt moving.  Depending on my body feels, I hope to do about 8. I need to find my knee brace. I am not sure if I will do a long run this week or not.  I am still not sure which half I am going to register for yet either.  A new one that I have never done before that is in 3 weeks, or the Mother’s Day one I have done a couple times that is in 4 weeks.  My long runs have been 11, 12, 13.1  and 14.  Hope to do one more  13 or 14.  Then the race.  So that should give me a good base for marathon training during the summer.

I am wanting to wean but I keep going back and forth about it.  I have been pumping for 6.5 months now.  I don’t have room for a giant stash in my freezer, so I probably only have enough for a week or less.  Of course it will take me probably a month to entirely wean too.  I made it to 10.5 months with Red.  Maybe I will stick it out that long again.  She switched to formula and only needed maybe one container at that point and then we were on to whole milk.  E seems to be a good eater or actual food, so that should work in our favor.  Then again, she is pretty picky about what she eats.  Yogurt and peaches FTW.

So hopefully my mileage will hit at least 35 this week.  Down from 46.5 last week, but I needed a cut back week anyway.  Hopefully I don’t get sick or really injured.

like bugs on your butts

Guess who has a standing desk now!  whoop whoop. Been standing for over 2 hours now. Apparently, I need to sit down occasionally so I don’t get cankles..?

I did not want to do this morning’s run.  4 x 1 mile repeats.  That’s not even a big deal.  Well I forced myself into it and it wasn’t that bad at all.  I don’t think I am pushing myself hard enough speed wise.  So I did 1.5 miles to warm up and then started in.  Put the treadmill at 8.7 for the repeats.  I think that is around 6:55 min/mile.  I only recovered for a quarter mile between repeats and I kept the mill at 8.1 for the recovery.  So I suppose that makes it a bit harder.  My overall pace was 7:11 min/mile and I ran 6.5 miles total.  Yea not much of a cool down, but I was in a hurry to watch RHOBH reunion.  I did some push ups and dips while doing that.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles, over half of it outside.  Monday I had run 10, 6 of those miles outside.  I am planning my 13 miler on Saturday, weather permitting.  Tomorrow will be a short fast day, 2 or 3.  Friday will be an easy 6 or 7.  Next week I will try to fit in a 14 miler and then maybe 14 or 15 again before a two week taper.

I feel icky right now.  i think the excessive sugar is finally getting to me.  I feel nauseous after eating too many mini candy bars last night and this morning.  I keep thinking that my sweet tooth will settle down once I wean, but I have got to cut back because that’s not for another 6 months.  ughhh.

there’s no time man!

So I haven’t been good at updating lately.  Running is still going pretty well. I have had some knee pain that feels pretty bad when I first start and then dissipates into nothing.  Not sure if I should use my knee bands or not.  It’s not my usual IT band pain, it’s more of a runner’s knee kind of thing.  I haven’t felt this kind of pain for awhile.  I think my body is adjusting to running outside on the asphalt again.  Plus the weather has been rainy, so that doesn’t help.

Last week I got in a 12 miler.  I was going to do 13 this week, but it’s just not going to happen.  It can happen next week, my race isn’t for over a month.   A lot of good, quality, fast miles did happen this week though.  I did an 800 workout that went well on Monday.  Then I did two more faster long runs on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Sort of unintentionally.  When you feel good, you just gotta go for it.  Then yesterday I ran 3.5 fast miles.  Wanted to do a short fast run and E ended up waking up right as I was reaching 3.5.  This morning I ran 7 easy miles.  I figured all that fast running was probably not helping the knee situation. Tomorrow I plan to do around 5 with hills.  My hill isn’t much of a hill, but I have been trying to do hill repeats anyway.  Usually around 8.  I don’t mind these workouts.

On the family front, Red has been having issues lately.  Like not pooping.  I am running to the pharmacy after work to find some sort of laxative because these fiber chews arent working.  She just started to fear the poo after a couple of rough ones.  I feel so bad for her and so frustrated too.

Then last night I woke up to crying.  I thought maybe RKY and E were in his room and she was hungry.  But then I realized he was next to me.  We woke up at the same time and looked around for Red.  She was downstairs on the couch alone.  And she has been a huge scaredy cat lately, so of course she was scared.  But it was kind of weird, like her bed is in our room.  Why didn’t she just crawl in like usual?   Hope she didn’t sleepwalk.

Still not signed up for any races but hoping to do the half in May.  As long as my old knees hold up, I think that will happen.  I have no time goals but I am training for a PR-ish time.  I will be happy with any time that is close to my pre pregnancy ones.

dangling baby

This week of running didn’t start off too hot.  I took my normal rest day on Sunday, but on Monday I just was not feeling it.  So I took another full rest day.  Didn’t do anything.  I probably should have like lifted something other than the baby, but I did not.  We went to the dentist that morning and Red did very well.  I did ok, but I had to get a filling and was not expecting to get shots in my mouth.  It was my first full filling.  And then I got referred to the periodontist again for more receding gum work.  The oral surgery is terrible and I do NOT want to deal with that again.  ughhh.

In happier news, the weather is finally taking a turn for the better.  I just hope my body can adjust to running outdoors again.  Tomorrow will hopefully be run at least partly outside.  Should be in the thirties.  This morning was in the negatives again, so it’s a huge difference.  Sunday is back in the lower 20s, but I could probably handle that.  I am just worried about melting snow and ice refreezing over night.  I will have to make the judgment call tonight.  I am also debating if my run will be 8 miles or 11 miles.  I was  not going to do a long run this week, but if the weather is nice, I might as well try for 11.  That means I might still be running when Red wakes up.  She usually just goes and sits on the couch while I do that.

So the half marathon I was planning to do is now out.  RKY can’t travel that weekend and I will be coming home from C2E2 in Chicago.  There’s another one on Mother’s Day that I will do, about two weeks later.  That gives me more time to train.  I haven’t been hitting the paces I want to in my tempo runs.  If I want a PR, I need to run 7:15-ish.  I have come close to this in 4-5 mile runs, after a warm-up.  I feel like I need to get to that pace for 8 miles if I want to nail it in the race.

E is now 5 months and we are practicing sitting up.  She hates to be laid down, so this will be exciting when she finally can sit on her own.  We plop her in a bumbo seat and she likes it for a while.  I fed her some oatmeal the other night.  Not sure how much was consumed, but she was into it.  It was very saturated with milk though.  Probably about 90% milk.  I want to try sweet potatoes soon!  Her reflux seemed to clear up on it’s own. I am all for modern medicine, but I wasn’t convinced we needed to give her medicine.  She does have a never ending cold I am worried will turn into another ear infection though.  Otherwise, she’s been happy baby for the last couple of weeks.  I think another wonder week is coming though….

clap along

I can’t remember the last time I ran a decent amount outside.  I think I’ve run outside twice since E’s birth and once was just around the block because it was too icy.  Plus I was doing mostly treadmill running in the last weeks before she was born.  Am I in for a pain when I start heading out again?  I guess I won’t have to worry about that too much because temps are still well below freezing and will be for the next 10 days…according to the Weather Channel anyway.

My runs this week were pretty dang good.  I tried to go fast and I did.  I did a half marathon tempo pace run.  It was 7:25 average but if I subtract the first mile then I got in 7:18s for 5.5 miles.  That would barely be good enough to get me a PR, but I have still got time to train.  Problem is, I need to go faster and further.  I did 10 miles on my day off on Tuesday.  I actually got to sleep in until 6:30 a.m.  Then I got Red ready for school, dropped her off, and came back to run.  RKY watched E and she napped most of it.  She came down and watched me run the last couple of minutes and gave me goofy grins.  Things with her took a turn for the worse this week though.  She started throwing fits and going through cycles of crying and thrashing, then napping for 20-30 minutes and waking up screaming and repeating this over and over.  We thought her ear infection was back but nope.  The Dr. is suspecting reflux, but she is kind of old for that to be just showing up my non-expert opinion anyway.  She has some Zantac to try.  I am hoping we can not use it for too long though.  It is scary to see your baby in that much pain and knowing that something is very wrong.  But reflux isn’t that bad of a problem to have really.

Tomorrow is my running day off.  I am looking forward to sleeping in a little bit.  But sleeping in means waking up to pump in the early morning and then trying to go back to sleep.  I need to start dropping pumps.  Would be nice to get down to 5 and maybe even 4.  But I don’t have time to make those longer sessions.   Gotta read up on that.