So winter arrived a few days ago.  I guess I should say late fall.  Prior to that the weather was in the 60s and even 70 some days.  Unusual but I’ll take it.  The last nice day was Friday and I ran in shorts and a t-shirt.  I’ve since been a wuss and only run inside since then.  Ran 10 on Friday and then 6 on Saturday.  Ran 6.25 yesterday and 3 today.  Tomorrow I hope to do 8.  Leading up to Thanksgiving I’m trying to get some solid running in.  Not that I need to watch my weight.  I have probably lost 5 pounds in the past 3 months, maybe a little more.  I just want to keep my mileage high and stay strong during this pregnancy.  I haven’t been doing much fast running.  No motivation in the morning, plus I never know if there is a too fast for the baby.

Speaking of the baby, she/he is 1/3 cooked.  I’m 13w2d today.  I have another appointment next Wednesday.  Today is the first day I haven’t felt nauseous.  It’s amazing.  Yesterday I was lamenting to myself about never feeling normal or hungry again.  Then boom, today I feel fine.  I still have some aversions and no food sounds very appealing, but I am not sick.  I am actually hungry right now, luckily I have my break in about 25 minutes.  I’m hoping all this nausea helped lower my blood sugar.  But I won’t have that test for another 3 months so I have gotta watch my sugar intake.  Maybe I will actually pass the 1 hour test this time.

E is turning into a real empathetic sweetie.  But she’s Jekyll and Hyde and has her completely monstrous moments too.  Hopefully those subside over the next few months and her communication skills improve.  She talks a lot, but it’s still a guessing game what she’s trying to say.

Red seems to be doing well in school.  She definitely gets tired of it towards the end of the week but for the most part, she doesn’t complain.  Her reading skills are getting good and we are working on counting.  She seems to always skip the # 13 for some reason.  maybe she is superstitious.  haha.

The dogs are doing fine too.  H got loose the other day.  I think he crawled under the fence or the gate?  I couldn’t find any holes.  I moved the railroad ties around the loose parts of the fence so hopefully the keeps him in.  T has got to be close to 12 now.  He’s my old man but he’s not too grumpy yet.  Just with E mostly.  I think he pees on the floor in the morning because it’s too dark for him to see outside.  😦  Love him so much.

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