comet, it makes you

Holy shhhh  just dropped off Red at school and it took 13 minutes to get through the whole drop off process.  It was pouring rain so it was the first time we drove instead of walked.  It’s still pouring rain and it looks like night outside.  My run was obviously on the treadmill this morning.  I wasn’t really into it but I did do 5.5 miles working my way down to 10k pace (around 7min/mile).  It’s been really hard to motivate myself running wise.  I don’t have much energy to run fast because I am sooo nauseous. I can’t eat much and some foods repulse me.   Around 6 weeks is when it started.  I am 9.5 now.  I think I’ve lost 5 pounds but my scale is funky so I’m not sure.  I’ve been working through it all.  I usually only puke at night.  The worse was when I got migraines and that combined with the usual nausea was too too much.  That happened like 3 times a couple weeks ago.  It hasn’t happened again, so fingers crossed.  I just throw up once a day after I brush my teeth at night.  Oh and this morning.  And the other night when our house smelled like food.  hah. So maybe more than once a day.

My first Dr. appointment is a week from today.  I will be 10 weeks 4 days along by then.  At least I hope.  There’s always that possibility there won’t be a heartbeat.  I have been so sick that I haven’t been too worried, but you never know.  I won’t fully feel pregnant until I hear the heart.  When will I tell people?  Maybe around Christmas.  Maybe my belly will pop earlier than the last 2 times (around 25 weeks)  and I will have to tell early.  Maybe I will just wait until after the 20 week u/s.  We’ll see.

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