So I made a decision about the race.  I decided to do the half.  I figured, that will be no problem after training for a full marathon.  I picked up my packet Saturday after work and just hung out with the kids the rest of the evening.  I got a decent night’s sleep and was hoping for rain in the morning since the temps were supposed to be in the 70s during race time.

I left my house really early, about 6:20 (race at 7:30) so I could get a good parking spot.  I chilled in my car for a bit and decided I need to find a port-a-potty.  I did.  Mission accomplished.  At the start I lined up by some 1:40-45 pacers and hoped they wouldn’t pass me during the race.  The cannon went off and we began the race with the bright sun in our faces.  I ran with runkeeper but didn’t pay much attention to it.  The hill during the 2nd mile was annoying but I did alright.  I was afraid I was going a bit too fast because I was already running at my goal pace 7:38-ish.  I was pouring sweat and the humidity was high, so I was dumping water on myself from the first aid station on.  Somewhere in the third mile was when I started to get that nauseous feeling.  I got a 2nd wind after mile 4 but that went away quickly.  The 1:40 pacer passed me (but he was going a bit too fast).  We ran along the river and the sun was feeling hotter and hotter by the minute.  We passed mile 5 and I walked to take two salt chews.  Then I continued on but felt pretty horrible.  I was just waiting for that first relay stop to decide what to do.  It came just after 6.5 miles and I decided to call it a day.

I knew the 2nd half of the race would continue to get hotter and I already felt that sort of almost dizzy/sick feeling.  I took off and ran into the neighborhood before calling RKY for  a ride.  Then I walked around for a while and they picked me up and dropped me at my car.  I stopped on the way home to pick up a bounce house and just tried to concentrate on the girls’ party later that day.  When people asked me about the race I just told them the truth, except my coworkers.  I told them I didn’t bother to run at all.

At first I kind of explored my options for another full or half but I think I have made peace with my decision for now.  The big reason for that being that I (think) I am just over 6 weeks pregnant.  Though I haven’t had much nausea, I haven’t felt great while running.  That combined with my allergies making me feel heavy headed, I don’t think a morning race will work out for me.

I will probably call my doctor this week but usually they don’t see anyone until 10 weeks.  It’s a new doctor, so he may see me earlier, we will see.  Hopefully it all works out and #3 will arrive in May.

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