eat my jorts

My last long run before the marathon was on Sunday.  It was lower 80s but with a nice breeze and not a ton of humidity, so I started the run around 6 p.m.  I started on the treadmill with 3.25 miles.  Then I headed out and did a long loop up north to the next town and back.  It was over 8 miles and I was averaging about 8:09.  I hopped back on the treadmill for 2.25 miles.  It was dark out by this point, so I went outside and ran a loop of about 5 miles.  This loop I averaged like 8:40s.  it didn’t feel that slow though?  I didn’t really need much fuel because I ate dinner around 5, so I had only had one squeezie and a salt chew.  I am trying those out.  I did feel some stomach distress but I’m hoping it wasn’t from that.  I finished the last mile on the treadmill which I had set at 8:24 miles.

I definitely did not hit a wall but my legs did not feel great.  I was wearing compression sleeves on my calves, wish I had some for my hamstrings because that is where I am always tight.  I don’t think I want to wear calf sleeves or compression socks during the race because they make me feel really hot.  My lower back has been terrible lately as well but I have been stretching and got it worked out a little bit.  I need to see my chiro soon.  Still haven’t registered for the race.  Hopefully the temps will be cool but there is always my back up race in mid-October.

I’ve been trying to buy a new (used) car but that whole process is a real pain in my ass.  I just do not like sales people at all.  The last dealer I went to had a car a really wanted and was in my price range.  But then they only offered me 2500 trade-in and tried to get me to finance 19k by adding in all these packages.  It was ridic.  I’m so over it.

Red seems to be doing well at school. She gets tired near the end of the week but it doesn’t make her sleep any longer.  ha.  She’s been having fun at soccer practice too.  Her first game is Saturday.  Then we have her birthday party.  It’s just for her friends and 2 cousins, so it would be 10 kids max.  I hope it’s not too crazy because I am not really into socializing with kids or their parents.  I just want Red to have some fun.



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