miss bindergarten

Did my second 20 miler of the cycle last night.  Temps were in the 70s all day and the humidity seems to have dissipated for now, so it was fairly nice out.  Still a bit hot for my preferences, but I will take it.

I started on the treadmill at 5:30.  I watched an entire episode of Superstore which was 3.5 miles.  Then I headed out and decided to stick to new routes for the day.  My first outdoor loop was 4.5 miles. My legs felt kind of achy and i have been dealing with a stiff lower back so it didn’t feel great. I came back in to watch some Real Housewives and ran 2.5.  Headed back out and ran 4 miles.  Came back inside and ran 2 miles.  Went back outside and the sun was almost down, so it gave me a boost and I felt really good, but i was running pretty dang slow in the 8:30s.  I ran about 3 miles then came inside to finish up on the treadmill.  Ran a total of 20.2 miles.  My average pace was probably 8:20s.  I had another one of those “Oh God how am I going to run that plus 6 more miles on race day at a faster pace?!” moments.

I finished my run around 8:30, took a bath and then settled down to watch TV with the kids before bedtime.  I usually have a hard time settling down after a long run, so I took a Benadryl and fell asleep around 11.  Slept in today until 7.  That felt good.

Tomorrow is my little Red’s first day of Kindergarten.  I don’t feel terribly sentimental, probably because she has pretty much been going to a school her whole life.  I am worried that she is going to pick up a diva attitude from other girls at school.  That is probably inevitable.  Because of her late September birthday, I still have 4 more years until E starts Kindergarten.

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