onward and downward

Another disappointing race.  Gahhh.

The 7 miler was Saturday.  The weather was really nice.  Lower 70s and humid but it was cloudy and grey.  The weather didn’t bother me, I don’t think.  The whole first half of the race was good for me.  I felt good, I felt a little slow but figured that I could make it up the 2nd half.  The first mile was up the hill and in the sardine can, so it was 7:20 or so.  Some years this first mile has been above 8, but this year I started further up in the corral.  The second mile was probably around 645.  Third mile is a little hilly but I managed to cross in like 21:10, so I figured I was right on for a 7 min mile race.  The half way point I was 24:45 I think?  So I made my goal to finish in under 50.

Shortly after the turnaround I felt horrible.  I got nauseous and even a little dizzy. From there it was all downhill.  I thought about stopping to walk several times.  I was well fueld and hydrated so it wasn’t that.  I think the humidity got to me? I googled some stuff and read about how the humidity diverts blood flow to your skin so if you have a lot in your stomach- especially protein- it can make you nauseous.  So maybe it was that?  Ugh so annoying.  I struggled and felt a little better after the 5th mile but didn’t have much in me.  My stomach was still crampy.  The final downhill I was fighting it and should have been letting myself go. The final sprint I still had a rock in my belly.  Finished in 50:46 which is just 4 seconds last year when I did  almost no speed work.

The rest of the day I just tried not to think about the race because I was so disappointed.  Maybe I am just too old to be racing?  Maybe marathon training is too much for me?  Anyways, I am trying to have a better attitude and look forward to the next race but I will worry about eating the right thing and resting and so on.  Not sure what the next race will be.  Still haven’t registered for the marathon yet either.  I have my first 20 miler later this week.  Yikes.

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