Summer bummer

My last update was the half marathon.  I haven’t raced any since then.  The next race I am registered for is the one mile microbrew thing.  I ran a mile on the treadmill the other day in 6:19.  I want to be closer to 6:00 but the race is at 4 in mid June, so you know…heat.  Also, I have never raced just one mile before.  Could be tricky.

My training has been going pretty good. Knock on wood.  I went once to a chiro who specializes in sports injuries and it was like, BOOM, fixed.  No more hamstring issues.  I just need to work on strengthening it now so I don’t injure it again.  Easier said than done.  Most of my runs end abruptly with no time for strength as I am hurrying to get E or take a shower before they wake up.

E has been doing a sleep regression. She will not go to bed at night.  And then she wakes up multiple times and then gets up early like it’s NBD.   Plus the dang sun is so bright, so early, it is throwing everyone off a bit.  At least it’s been easier for me to wake up earlier and earlier.  My mileage in May was 182.  I think April was around there too.  I did a 14 miler the other week and it was surprisingly easy for me.  I did it in the early afternoon, so it was hot, but I was well fueled.  I hope to do 15 later this week, probably in the evening.


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