Checking in

After all that weird pain and then the delightful steroids, things have been going better for me.  I bounced around trying to decide whether or not to train for a spring marathon.  I have finally decided on nixing that idea.  I will just try to do a half or two this spring and hopefully do some shorter races as well.  I still have some goals of PRing in the 5k and other shorter distances, so now is the time to try.  I have to find some 5ks to do and hopefully start out running a 20:xx and ending with a 19:xx.  A PR would have to be like 19:20.  I had to stop speedwork with the knee pain etc but I have picked it back up.  I am also still running long-ish.  I ran 12 last weekend and 11.15 this past one.  I’m hope to be running around 15 by the time I pick up marathon training in June.  That would be a solid start to my long runs for a fall race.

I have a reminder set for myself to register for Chicago.  But then I went online and tried to find a hotel and holy mother of baby Jesus.  Just like in Boston, the hotels are like 400-600 dollars per night.  I am still considering registering and then figuring out where to stay later.  Or how to ride the el downtown.

At home things are going well.  Red has kindergarten round up on Friday.  She is very excited and bragging about how she will only be 4 when she starts school.  (for about 3 weeks).  I had a conference with her teacher this morning and she agreed that Red would be ready for kindergarten. PreK would be boring for her.  Part of me wants to wait because then that’s an extra year at home before she leaves me for college.  I am insane.

E won’t be going to Kindergarten until she is almost 6.  So Red will be in 4th grade.  That is an insane gap to me, who had a sister one year ahead of me.  I think E is pretty smart and would be ready when she was 4, but I am not sure they are allowed to bend the rules.  She’s two weeks after the current age cutoff.

E finally has some teeth coming in.  I hope they don’t make her cranky again.  She was pretty ornery during January but she’s perked up quite a bit since then.  She’s also been sleeping better KNOCK ON WOOD SO HARD.  She loooooves being outside.  It was nice this weekend so we went out and played at a park and took walks.  But it’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow, so we will be back inside for another week or so, at least.  Can’t wait for outdoor adventures with my girls.  And my corgi boys.  And human boy RKY.

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