Besides the marathon, another big event happened on Friday.  My parents put their (our) black labrador down on Friday.  She had been steadily going down hill.  She was very skinny, not eating much for the past several months.  After they moved, she didn’t really do much of anything and she used to love being outside and chasing critters.  She had some very rough days, so my dad took her to the vet and they confirmed what he should do.

In some ways, it is easier than the last time we lost a pet.  She was 13 1/2 years old, so she had a great life.  Her brother Echo is still with us.  I try so hard to remember specific memories with her, but it is hard.  Just in general she was very laid back.  Sometimes she liked to be alone.  But if she wanted your attention she would sit right by you and put her paw up or position herself for a belly rub.

I used to run up and down the fence line and Mo would run with me.  She liked that.  When I would come down into the yard with her, she would pounce and act playful, excited to have someone to play with.  She didn’t chew on toys or have an appetite like her brother.  She was polite and wouldn’t just take food out of your hand.  She’d just sit there staring, drooling.  She had a coat that shed really unevenly, so I used to call her buffalo Mo.  Also called her Smokey Jo, MoMo, MoMo JoJo.  She was afraid of thunderstorms and would shake and pant and come stand by your bed or lock herself in the basement or bathroom.  The Thunder Shirt didn’t work for her.  She spent a lot of time on her deck, which is now our deck.  She liked sitting up on the deck and watching for squirrels or bunnies to chase.  She was so fast.  Once she caught a possum and brought it up to the deck.  We thought it was dead but that lil asshole was playin possum!  Almost ran in the house.  She was a great dog.  The ideal dog really.

I will always love her and miss her just like Shadow and Hershey.

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