5 days

I am about 80% sure I am going to register for another marathon.  It’s on Sunday, which is 3 weeks from the last one.  I think if I tape up my ankle, I will be ok on that front.  I really need to focus on being positive and not giving up too soon.  It would be my 9th marathon.  I’m kind of afraid that I will drive all the way there and then end up running only 8 miles and bowing out due to whatever befalls me.

So I just went back and was reading about my other double marathon season.  The first was the terrible loop marathon where I really struggled and hated it.  The second one I was much more relaxed, but had to battle some high winds.  Still,  I did better and felt better in the 2nd one, so here’s to hoping that happens again this time.  I also noticed that my training that time was like, way faster than this time.   Yikes.  Yesterday I was struggling to run a tempo run at 7:30s.  I noticed that in 2013 I was regularly running 7 minute miles for a 10k and Yassos at 6:30 pace.  I guess I’m a lazy ass now.  Today I ran a progression run of just 2 miles and ended my run at 6:40 pace.  And it was rough.  So I have some work to do this winter.  Hopefully I will not get injured or sick.

So the plan to prevent a repeat of last month’s marathon would be to eat a big breakfast.  (Hoping this doesn’t make me poop.)  And to tape up my ankle and hamstring.  And bring the tape with me in my spibelt.  Also, switching back to my spibelt from the flip belt.  I really struggled getting my gels out of the flipbelt.  Weather will be much cooler, so I doubt I will change my outfit from last time.  Not sure if I will wear compression sleeves on my calves.  Not sure if I will wear a hat.  Try to get to bed early because I will have to leave at 4:30 a.m. to drive for an hour and a half.

Tomorrow I will run 5 or 6 miles.  Take of Thursday morning since RKY will be out of town.  Run 5 or 6 Friday and then rest day Saturday.  Maybe taking Red to a kids Halloween run.

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