falling short

Well, that’s that.  Marathon over in a matter of a few hours.  Months of work for a short period of time and I fell short.  I can’t imagine what that would be like on an Olympic scale.

I feel like I did everything right and still it didn’t work out for me.  My training was comparable to 2012 when I ran 3:28.  I carbo loaded more than usual.  Drank Gatorade even though I don’t like it.  I took supplements like Sport Legs and Beta Alanine.  I walked at water stops starting at mile 4.  I was at 1:45 at the half which would have put me on pace for my goal.  So what happened?  I was a little bit hungry again during this race.  I had a poptart and hard boiled egg for breakfast.  I ate 10 shotbloks during the race.  Clearly I needed to eat a bigger breakfast.  I was feeling foggy already around mile 15.  The other thing that happened was my ankle.  During my last long run, it started to hurt at the end.  But it didn’t hurt again during my taper, so I didn’t really think about taping it or anything race morning.  It didn’t bother me at all until it suddenly started shooting pains just after the half mark.  It came and went the rest of the race.  Sometimes it was fine, sometimes it hurt pretty bad.  I didn’t see a medical tent anywhere to get it taped.  Then the sun came up.  At the start, it was in the 60s and was cloudy.  The sun came out around 2 hours in.  I started to seriously walk around mile 17.  I had to take my bib and put it on my shorts, move my headphones, and then ditch my shirt at a water stop.  I don’t like running in my bra, but I was super hot.  I am a bit sun sensitive so I was wearing a hat and sunglasses in anticipation of this, but I think the hat just made me hotter?  So I was run walking already.  I decided to run for 5 minutes and then walk for 1.  I decided to just run to my car at the 20 mile mark instead of doing the last 10k out and back.  I decided a lot of things, like I hate running and the sun and the island we were running on.  And I hated all the relay runner passing me and the half marathoners who had only a couple miles to go.

I came to the 20 mile mark and it was at 2:45.  I had 10k to go, so I figured, worst case scenario, 10 minute miles.  New Goal- 3:45.  Well, my legs were dead.  I had nothing in them.  I continued the run 5 walk 1 for awhile but that made time drag on.  So I started running by counting the orange cones.  Run 15, walk 10.  That helped.  I even walked in the last mile.  I was surprised to see that my time was 3:48 and change.  But wow, what a lousy second half.  What happened to my legs?  I did decent long runs.  I took Sport Legs!  Come on!

So today, I am quite sore in my quads and abs.  I taped my ankle because that pain is still there.  I am not running this week, but I do plan on working my upper body.  I don’t really know if I will be able to race again this fall.  I need a redemption run.  But I will probably fail at that too.  😦  I am a great optimist.

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