last hurr..ugh

Did my last long run on Sunday morning.  I woke up pretty well rested and ready to go.  Started with 2.5 on the treadmill and then headed outside in the dark.  Ran a big loop that was about 4.5.  Ran another 2 on the treadmill and started to feel crummy already.  My legs were stiff.  I also had a potty break in there somewhere.  Went back outside to the humidity and the rising sun.  My legs felt tired which was weird because i had only run 6 mediocre miles the day before, and a rest day the day before that.  After around 3 miles, came back inside to run on the treadmill again and get a break from the humidity.  Ran 2 more then headed back outside and ran just over 2 miles before I came back in to finish the run on the mill.  My original plan?  Do the last 4 miles at below marathon pace on the treadmill.  Instead, I struggled through 2 at 8:30 pace.  I think I even stopped and took a break at the halfway point.  Several times I contemplated stopping and calling it a day.  I had already done plenty of long runs.  I finished all 18 and then felt pretty crappy the rest of the day.  And lazy. But you can’t be lazy when you have little kids.

So what went wrong?  I am hoping that it wasn’t just running long in the morning that made it so hard.  Because the marathon starts at 7:30.  My body is used to running in the morning, just not necessarily for that long.  Is it my fueling?  Possibly.  I did not really eat before or during the run.  I didn’t feel tired in that sense, or hungry.  I think the weather played a big part  it was 79 degrees when I ran by the thermometer before 6 a.m..  So I hope race morning is about 30 degrees cooler.  And way less humid.

Red’s birthday party yesterday was a lot of fun.  We went with the cicada shell theme since we have a collection of over 100 from this summer.  She kept saying she wanted a “locust shell” party.  So Target made her a cake with a pic of shells on it.  We had a mini scavenger hunt for them, I hid a bunch on trees.  I also printed some pics off the internet and made decor from it.  We had bug flingers as well that the kids had some fun with.  Ate hot dogs and cake. Lit off a few fireworks. Overall I think it was successful.  Need to have another small get together at the end of the month for E.  She loves Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse.

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