and done. ish.

Saturday night was my last 20 miler.  whoooo!  But I still have 18 this weekend.  booo!  But not a big boo.  I had another pretty solid long run so I am not dreading the 18 like I normally would.  I think the key to having a good long run is to eat a lot of food.  I have been doing my long runs at night after a full day of sustenance.  So I guess come marathon morning, I will need to make sure I ate a bunch the night before and a decent amount for breakfast. But not too much.  That is the tricky part.  I don’t want to be starving like I was during Boston.  That was even trickier because I was pregnant and food was moving through me very quickly.  On this last long run, I had a bathroom emergency and had to dash back to my house as fast as my clenched buns would carry me to go.  So that is a bit of a worry.  But I hope on race morning I will be all cleared out and ready as ever.  The only fuel I used on my long runs was some apple sauce squeezy things.  I will not be doing those during the race because…fiber.  Instead, I have two packages of Shotbloks that I already bought because they were on clearance.  Maybe I will bring a pb squeezy or something more filling too, in case I get hungry.

So during the long run, a few kids on bikes called me a slut and then some random creepy guy yelled out that I shouldn’t be running alone this late at night.  Mind you, it was about 9 p.m.  I yelled back at him some curse words because I was experience long run anger, but it also gave me a nice bit of adrenaline for the last couple of miles.  I was done by 9:45 and showered by 10, so that was a good time for me to run.  I am probably going to do my 18 on Saturday or Sunday morning though so I can get some practice during the time I will actually be racing.

This week’s runs have not been great.  I took Sunday off because of the long run on Saturday.  Monday I was still stiff and sore so I only did 3 in a progression run.  8 min mile, 7:30 mile, 7 min mile.  Then we had some kid sleep issues again this morning.  I wish E would start sleeping through the night again!  I had to lay in bed with Red while RKY laid on the couch with E.  I finally was able to get up at 6:20 which didn’t leave me much time before work.  So I ran 4.5 miles before I had to shower and go go go.  I ran the first 10 minutes as a warm up and the next 3 miles at 7 min/mile pace.  Then did a fast cool down at 7:30 min/mile.  My plan was to do 10 miles, so I will try again tomorrow.  If not in the morning, then at night after bedtime.

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