putrid throat

E was sick for almost an entire week.  Can’t say it’s been fun for anyone.  Her sleep is still pretty off.  I guess she finally had to be woken up at 9:40 this morning so they could go to story time.  She seems considerably less crabby and her fever has dissipated, so that’s good.   I slept 4-5 hours most nights when she was sick.  I’m probably next to get it.

So last week I had intended to do an 18 mile long run.  I was able to squeeze in a long run on Friday night, but decided to do just 17. ( I had already done 2.5 that morning) I guess I wanted to save myself 8-9 minutes. hah.  But seriously, I started running at 10 p.m.  I ended around 12:30 and then still had to pump and shower.  Then I had to get up for work the next morning too.  But overall, the run went really well.  I always run better in the dark and at night.  It’s weird.  I was hungry when I got into the run, sort of like when I run in the mornings.  My fuel was a fruit and veggie squeezie thing and a hawaiian roll.  I ran 2.5 inside, then 5 outside.  Then 2.5 inside, and 5 outside.  Then I finished the last 2 on the treadmill.

I didn’t run on Saturday because, technically, I was running on Saturday.  So Sunday I took it easy and ran with Red in the stroller for just over 2 miles.  We stopped along the way to collect locust shells.  Monday I ran 8 miles with some stairs at the track.  This morning I ran 7.5 and I decided I had better do actual speedwork.  So I started with a weenie workout of 3×800.  I will try to increase that to 5 next week.  Tomorrow we are headed out of town, so I will probably do a midweek long-ish run.  Unless I’m sleep deprived again.  Plan on doing 19 this weekend and 20 next weekend for some charity thing.  I will have to run loops.  22 of them to get to 20 miles.  But each lap earns $5 for a charity of my choosing (from a drop down list).  I chose a cancer one.

Still haven’t registered for the actual marathon yet.  Don’t want to jinx myself and get an injury.

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