I finally raced!  It went ok.  It was such a small part of my day, like I raced, I ran to my car and drove home and did a million other things.  7 miles in 50:50.  About 7:15/mile.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect considering my lack of speedwork due to my hamstring.  Luckily my hamstring felt good.  No issues there.  I felt good and got up the hill in a decent time.  8:10 minus 30 seconds to cross the line and then stuck in the slow moving herd for another minute or so.  I planned on running comfortably and then getting faster after the turnaround.  Didn’t happen.  I got hungry.  Like seriously my stomach was growling.  I ate breakfast, but not a big one because I didn’t want to have a heavy belly.  Rookie mistake for a veteran runner.  So then I felt that kind of hunger weakness but pushed on anyway.  I’m trying to remember my mile splits.  I think I was right at 15 for 2 miles.  3 miles was?   At the turn around I was at 25 minutes. After that, it gets fuzzy. I know the 6 mile mark was 44:30ish. Crossed the line at 51:20.  My PR is exactly 3 minutes faster at 47:50.  I did notice that everyone’s times were a bit slower this year. Probably due to the humidity that was pretty thick. At least the sun was hiding behind clouds. I was still in the top 100.  72 I think.

So I finished out that week at 41 miles.  This week I took off Sunday.  Red did make me run with her to the park and back.  I was impressed because it was the park that is about 7 blocks away.  Then this morning I ran 10.  I was still sore so it wasn’t too pleasant.  Tomorrow I will run 8.  Wednesday is 2.  Thursday is 8 again and Friday is 18.  Yikes.  I am still running by feel, I just estimate distance based on my time.  Like today I ran outside for 47 minutes and guesstimated that was 5.5 miles.  It ended up being 5.8 when I mapped it out.

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