I keep cruising

Well my long run is up to 16.  Completed on Saturday.  Ran 2 on treadmill then 4 outside.  2 on treadmill then 3 outside.  2 on treadmill and 3 outside.  At the very end, I actually did turn on my runkeeper and my pace was 8:36/mile.  My treadmill pace was around 8:12.  My total mileage for the week was 45.  Week before was 40.  This week will be 40 again because the 7 mile race is Saturday, so no long run.  I did 4 Sunday, 10 Monday, 2 Tuesday, and 8 today.  Monday I used Runkeeper to check my pace again and it was sub-8, so yay.  I am loosely following Pfitz 55/12 but I am sort of combining it with Higdon’s intermediate 2.  I just don’t know if I will have time to do some of the Pfitz’s longer midweek runs.

My goal for the race??  No idea.  it will be my first postpartum race which is kind of ridiculous since I am 10 months out.  Couldn’t do the 4 miler, had to do the water stop after my volunteers all quit on me.  Hopefully I will run it faster than last year when I was 7 months pregnant.  I think I did it in 53 ish minutes?

In other life news…

E is standing on her own now.  And crawling every where.  She’s pretty proud of that.  I will be relieved to not have to schlep her everywhere since girl is heavy, but then again, they get mad when you try to reel them in.  Or strap them in a cart at the store.  Especially once she sees Red having free reign.  Tantrums at Target will return for round 2.  She still has no teeth.  Her 9 month appt was last week and she was right around the middle for weight % and like 4th percentile for height.  Head was in the 70s, so smaller than Red’s.

I hope to take Red to see the minion movie tomorrow.  She is saying she wants a minion bday party but then she also wants a Shopkins party.  I am trying to steer her away from minion crap but we will see.

They are getting baptized on the 2nd.  I hope all goes well.  We went to church for the first time on Saturday.  I purposely came late so I could at least be there for Eucharist.  E was a little wiggly, but we made it through.  Red was good but I think it was the novelty of going to church for the first time that kept her tame.  Luckily Sunday School will start soon.

just 8 more weeks until Disney World!  I can’t wait.

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