babe 2

E is crawling, i have no idea when Red started to crawl, so I thought maybe I should actually sort of keep track of things this time around.  She never really rolled over.  Now she just crunches her way up into sitting position.  She must have amazing abs under that adorable baby far.  She started sitting up around 4 1/2 months.  She was actually cruising before she was crawling, so I have a feeling that walking will come sooner than 1 yr.  Right now i am just worried worried worried about E swallowing a shopkin or chunk of dog hair or something from the floor.  Or trying to stand up on the TV stand and having it fall over, etc.  So many worries.  Her 9 month checkup isn’t until next week, so I am not sure how much she weighs.  I do know that I cannot carry around her darn car seat with her in it anymore.  I haven’t been able to for quite a while actually.  I don’t have the greatest upper body strength but I definitely have been getting muscles from carrying her around a lot.  She doesn’t like to sit, so she is either being carried or climbing on me or furniture.  She is still just eating baby food, purees and yogurt.  She doesn’t eat very much and pretty much only wants yogurt or custard.  I have given her puffs, those baby cheetoh things, and teething biscuits but she just plays with them.  I don’t like this whole teaching them to eat thing.  It’s frustrating.

Bed time is usually ok because she doesn’t nap much during the day.  Rock her and restrain her from sitting up and she will usually be out in 5-10 minutes.  Last night was a different story.  Red’s bed time routine is THE WORST.  We f’ed it up big time with her.  I need to give her a set bedtime and have her in bed every night by that time.  lately she has been up til 10 pm.  Doesn’t help that the babysitter makes her nap.  I tried last night to have her in bed by 9:30.  We made it by 9:36 but I don’t think she fell asleep until almost 10.  Plus she requires one of us to be in the room with her until she falls asleep.   So that is usually me and then I fall asleep and don’t get any time with RKY.

As for me, 9 months PP, I feel OK.  I still feel like the 1 yr mark is the finish line.  It’s not.  It gets harder.  But I will stop pumping and feel like I get my life back.  Get my hormones back to normal.  Hopefully crave less sweets.  Have less body aches and pains.  GET MORE SLEEP.  I have been at my pre baby weight for a long time but I finally lost the belly pooch around 6 months PP.  I hope to not to have to nurse for as long with the next one, but getting my abs back might be enough additional motivation to keep me going for close to a yr.  That and all the awesome benefits the baby gets, of course.

I’m getting ahead of myself.  Baby #3 is still just a twinkle in my eye for the future.  Until then, I will keep on powering through my days and fighting my way out of my funks.

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