shut your excuse hole

Ugh my hips are killing me today.  Haven’t been to the chiro in 3 weeks.  I thought I had an appt yesterday but I got no reminder text.  I just want to stretch all day.

Last week was a cut back week.  Ended up running 4 days, brick 1 day, and two off days of not much.  One of those off days was supposed to include a workout but I was too tired.  Looking forward to weaning from the pump and getting that extra hour and half to two hours of my day back.  Probably for sleep!

Did a really fun workout on Sunday.  Ran around town then went to the track.  Did stairs, but I varied it a bit, doing some jumps and things.  Then I did some laps.  Did some butt kicks and skipping.  Ran more stairs and stopped at the top to do pushups.  Didn’t feel like much at the time but my arms are sore!

I have a long run on Saturday.  Aiming for 2 hours.  Unfortunately, my routes are limited because of the red winged black birds.  I was attacked by one on Saturday.  It got me on the back of the head.  So now all my long rural routes and the bike path is out.  I am just too terrified to run on them.  Going to have to explore some new neighborhoods I suppose…not easy in a small town.  I think I have pretty much been to them all except a few cul de sacs on the outer edges.

My parents are moving out today and tomorrow so I am hoping to have my treadmill set up ASAP.  Possibly Thursday.  Definitely want to be using it during my long run.  I was thinking I would do 15 min- treadmill, 45 min- outside, 15 min- treadmill, 30 min.- outside and 15 min- treadmill.  We will see how that goes.  Damn black birds.

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