Sunday was an easy peasy day for me.  Sleeping in.  Then managed to do a couple TA arm workouts, a short ab one, and a short bike ride later.

Tuesday I planned to run for an hour but ended up going a few extra minutes.  Running out on the gravel roads alone feels so good but still, not so safe.  I saw the deer again.  Or maybe it was a different deer.  It would run for a bit then stop and look at me.  Then take off running again.  The black birds weren’t as bitchy as usual.

Monday I ran for about 49 minutes.  Doing some hills and running at the track.  I only ran hard for 1 400 and 1 200.  I figure that’s a start to my speed workouts.

Wednesday I was going to do a brick workout but it was raining.  So I just ran instead for 45 minutes.  I was wearing my glass because I didn’t realize it was going to rain when I headed out and didn’t feel like going back to put in my contacts.  So that was interesting.  Later that night we walked to a concert that was downtown and had the kids out too late.  I finally got Red down around 1015.  Then I passed out around 1030.  I woke up and pumped and then decided more sleep sounded better than any workout.  So I kept on snoozing until 6:30.  Did a 10 minute arm workout because I want cut arms, then got ready for my day.  Tomorrow I should probably run for around an hour.  Saturday will be long run day.  Aiming for 95 minutes.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.  My hamstring has been cooperating very well except I am still cautious when I am running fast because I feel it stretching.

An older guy that runs around town invited me to run with him and his (female) friend sometime.  I added him on FB so we will see if I ever feel like running with them.  I kind of doubt it.

Baby note-

I am still pumping about 6 times a day.  Same as last time, around the 8 month mark my supply has dropped. I was around 60-70 ounces a day now I am around 45.  Still plenty for E.  I am wanting to wean, but I won’t.  It just seems easier than having to figure out what formula she will like.  She is eating purees but only likes the sweet ones.  I’m trying to build up my freezer stash now, but it’s harder with less output.  I don’t manage that whole process very well.

As for E, she is cute as hell.  Just looking at her makes me want to squeeze her so hard.  She is trying so hard to crawl.  She will go from sitting and just keep bending and reaching to get on all 4s.  But from there, she doesn’t really know what to do.  So instead, she will grab onto anything and everything to stand up and move. I think that’s called cruising.  So maybe she will skip crawling and start walking.

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