you don’t own space, so stop acting like you do

Still running, but it’s not the same.  Everything feels different.  I run slower.  I enjoy it and want to run for a long time, but am restricted by my body.  My hamstring is still weird.  Not like it was, but I am afraid to run fast on it.  I need to put more time into healing it, but I have no time.  I was doing the TENS machine and felt no difference.  Maybe ice and stretching will help.  I also haven’t had access to my treadmill for 3 weeks now.  I am considering joining a gym for a month until we can get that set up again.  My runs are getting longer and I like to do a couple miles warm up and cool down inside, especially when the weather is crappy or hot.

I am not sure what feels so weird now about running.  Is it because I don’t use a GPS anymore?  I just run by time and sometimes I will use the USATF map it later in the day to get a rough estimate of how far I ran.  Maybe it is because I went from running in the dark from my old house to suddenly sunny and hot at 5 a.m. starting from my new house.

I have been discovering new rural routes to run, which has been really fun.  I am not sure how safe they are.  These red winged black birds are sons of bitches.  They fly right over me, swoop, and yell at me.  I’m definitely going to get pooped on.  I saw a deer this morning doing a happy little hop across a soy bean field.  The cows and sheep I pass by always stop and stare at me.  I wave. Running on the gravel roads, I have only encountered one or two cars and I always have my cell phone with me, but I still feel a bit nervous.  The bike path is nice, but not shaded at all and can get pretty windy at times.  I rode my bike to the next town north and ran a few loops there on Sunday.  Then I rode back to town and ran around the track a couple times.  I usually head to the track about 3 times a week to run stairs on the bleachers.  I am still too timid to try a track workout though.  Running on the soft track does feel pretty good though.

I am not doing Race for the Cure this year.  I am planning on getting in an 80 minute long run instead.  I am planning on doing the local 4 miler, but I will be pretty depressed by my time, I’m sure.  Same with the 7 miler.   Just trying to focus on staying healthy and building stamina for a fall marathon.  Fingers crossed.

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