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I finally had an enjoyable run this morning.  I had to go slow.  But it wasn’t as slow as it felt.  I think my average pace was like 8:15.  It frustrates me that I can’t go faster, but oh well.  My leg locked up a bit on hills too.  I was off on Sunday and then ran 5, 5.5., and 6.3.  Took yesterday off and felt really frustrated because that 6.3 mile run wasn’t very fun.  I continued doing a bit of foam rolling, arnica gel, and k taping.  I tried k-taping my glutes as well as my hamstring and maybe that is what finally worked for me.  Knock on wood.

I am not signing up for the half on Sunday.  I would probably reinjure myself and I want to feel good while running and have some strong shorter races this summer.  Also, it is supposed to storm.  I don’t want to say that I WANT it to storm so I have another excuse not to run it.  But that would be convenient.

Plan for tomorrow is a long run.  Longer than 8 at least.  Gotta give it more time before I can do speed work again.  I want to be fast.

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