oh horsefeathers!

I’m injured goddammit.  My sore hamstring turned into a thing I guess.  I ran on it for almost 2 weeks before I finally admitted to myself that I was injured (goddammit).  Got adjusted yesterday and had it ultrasounded and lasered too.  Snake oil treatments really, but we will see what happens.  I have had my knee ultrasounded before and it didn’t work for sh&t.

So my last run was Sunday and it was 13 miles.  My leg doesn’t hurt bad, but it’s like a dull pain with tightness.  When running wasn’t fun anymore, I gave up.  It is just not fun to run when something hurts.  I have a half marathon on Sunday.  hahahahah.  Not happening.  The Mother’s day one is a possibility, I guess.  ugh.  No half PR for me this spring.  Or probably ever.  I think it’s my least favorite distance.

In the meantime, Monday was a full rest day.  Tuesday was an arms day.  Wednesday was a fitness blender tabata thing.  Today was PiYo and 10 minutes of easy running.  Started out fine.  Ended up not so fine.  My K-tape that I desperately ordered from Amazon should arrive today.  I will tape it up tonight and pretend I know what I am doing.  Anyways… off to go pump in my car.

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