like bugs on your butts

Guess who has a standing desk now!  whoop whoop. Been standing for over 2 hours now. Apparently, I need to sit down occasionally so I don’t get cankles..?

I did not want to do this morning’s run.  4 x 1 mile repeats.  That’s not even a big deal.  Well I forced myself into it and it wasn’t that bad at all.  I don’t think I am pushing myself hard enough speed wise.  So I did 1.5 miles to warm up and then started in.  Put the treadmill at 8.7 for the repeats.  I think that is around 6:55 min/mile.  I only recovered for a quarter mile between repeats and I kept the mill at 8.1 for the recovery.  So I suppose that makes it a bit harder.  My overall pace was 7:11 min/mile and I ran 6.5 miles total.  Yea not much of a cool down, but I was in a hurry to watch RHOBH reunion.  I did some push ups and dips while doing that.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles, over half of it outside.  Monday I had run 10, 6 of those miles outside.  I am planning my 13 miler on Saturday, weather permitting.  Tomorrow will be a short fast day, 2 or 3.  Friday will be an easy 6 or 7.  Next week I will try to fit in a 14 miler and then maybe 14 or 15 again before a two week taper.

I feel icky right now.  i think the excessive sugar is finally getting to me.  I feel nauseous after eating too many mini candy bars last night and this morning.  I keep thinking that my sweet tooth will settle down once I wean, but I have got to cut back because that’s not for another 6 months.  ughhh.

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