there’s no time man!

So I haven’t been good at updating lately.  Running is still going pretty well. I have had some knee pain that feels pretty bad when I first start and then dissipates into nothing.  Not sure if I should use my knee bands or not.  It’s not my usual IT band pain, it’s more of a runner’s knee kind of thing.  I haven’t felt this kind of pain for awhile.  I think my body is adjusting to running outside on the asphalt again.  Plus the weather has been rainy, so that doesn’t help.

Last week I got in a 12 miler.  I was going to do 13 this week, but it’s just not going to happen.  It can happen next week, my race isn’t for over a month.   A lot of good, quality, fast miles did happen this week though.  I did an 800 workout that went well on Monday.  Then I did two more faster long runs on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Sort of unintentionally.  When you feel good, you just gotta go for it.  Then yesterday I ran 3.5 fast miles.  Wanted to do a short fast run and E ended up waking up right as I was reaching 3.5.  This morning I ran 7 easy miles.  I figured all that fast running was probably not helping the knee situation. Tomorrow I plan to do around 5 with hills.  My hill isn’t much of a hill, but I have been trying to do hill repeats anyway.  Usually around 8.  I don’t mind these workouts.

On the family front, Red has been having issues lately.  Like not pooping.  I am running to the pharmacy after work to find some sort of laxative because these fiber chews arent working.  She just started to fear the poo after a couple of rough ones.  I feel so bad for her and so frustrated too.

Then last night I woke up to crying.  I thought maybe RKY and E were in his room and she was hungry.  But then I realized he was next to me.  We woke up at the same time and looked around for Red.  She was downstairs on the couch alone.  And she has been a huge scaredy cat lately, so of course she was scared.  But it was kind of weird, like her bed is in our room.  Why didn’t she just crawl in like usual?   Hope she didn’t sleepwalk.

Still not signed up for any races but hoping to do the half in May.  As long as my old knees hold up, I think that will happen.  I have no time goals but I am training for a PR-ish time.  I will be happy with any time that is close to my pre pregnancy ones.

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