dangling baby

This week of running didn’t start off too hot.  I took my normal rest day on Sunday, but on Monday I just was not feeling it.  So I took another full rest day.  Didn’t do anything.  I probably should have like lifted something other than the baby, but I did not.  We went to the dentist that morning and Red did very well.  I did ok, but I had to get a filling and was not expecting to get shots in my mouth.  It was my first full filling.  And then I got referred to the periodontist again for more receding gum work.  The oral surgery is terrible and I do NOT want to deal with that again.  ughhh.

In happier news, the weather is finally taking a turn for the better.  I just hope my body can adjust to running outdoors again.  Tomorrow will hopefully be run at least partly outside.  Should be in the thirties.  This morning was in the negatives again, so it’s a huge difference.  Sunday is back in the lower 20s, but I could probably handle that.  I am just worried about melting snow and ice refreezing over night.  I will have to make the judgment call tonight.  I am also debating if my run will be 8 miles or 11 miles.  I was  not going to do a long run this week, but if the weather is nice, I might as well try for 11.  That means I might still be running when Red wakes up.  She usually just goes and sits on the couch while I do that.

So the half marathon I was planning to do is now out.  RKY can’t travel that weekend and I will be coming home from C2E2 in Chicago.  There’s another one on Mother’s Day that I will do, about two weeks later.  That gives me more time to train.  I haven’t been hitting the paces I want to in my tempo runs.  If I want a PR, I need to run 7:15-ish.  I have come close to this in 4-5 mile runs, after a warm-up.  I feel like I need to get to that pace for 8 miles if I want to nail it in the race.

E is now 5 months and we are practicing sitting up.  She hates to be laid down, so this will be exciting when she finally can sit on her own.  We plop her in a bumbo seat and she likes it for a while.  I fed her some oatmeal the other night.  Not sure how much was consumed, but she was into it.  It was very saturated with milk though.  Probably about 90% milk.  I want to try sweet potatoes soon!  Her reflux seemed to clear up on it’s own. I am all for modern medicine, but I wasn’t convinced we needed to give her medicine.  She does have a never ending cold I am worried will turn into another ear infection though.  Otherwise, she’s been happy baby for the last couple of weeks.  I think another wonder week is coming though….

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