Dreaming up conversations we’ll have tomorrow

Ok, so 35.5 miles last week.  I ran 111 miles in December and 122 in January, so that is an improvement.    Yay.  I occasionally had some knee twitches that I need to watch out for.  My “long run” was 7.25 miles.  Most of my runs were around 6.  My paces were right around 8 min/mile but I got down to 7:40 avg pace for one 6 miler.  I took Sunday as my rest day and ended up playing in the snow, shoveling snow, and running around a bit with the dog to drop off a bill.  Now that the roads are snow covered I thought I might actually be able to get some traction, but the temps have dipped down below 0 again.  So it was treadmill again.  I was dreading doing a planned 7.5 on the mill this morning so.. I didn’t do it. I kept hitting snooze on my phone alarm.  Finally got up at 6 and figured E would be up soon so I should try to do a couple miles at least.  Well she didn’t wake up til after 7 but Red got up at 6:45.  I got in 5.3 miles at 7:55 pace.  After RKY woke up, I shoveled a ton of snow until my arms were shaky.  So strength training happened.

I’m debating whether I should wait til nicer weather to up my long run distances.  Just keep it at 7 and work on speed until all the snow and ice is gone.  Hopefully that will be in March or sooner.  Did the groundhog see its shadow?  He always does, that little sh*t.  I am planning on doing 6 tomorrow which means getting my ass out of bed to pump at 4:30 and start running around 5.  Wrap it up before 6 (unless E needs fed), shower, and pump again before the kids are up for the day.  Man, I don’t know if I can maintain this schedule for another 8 months. zzzzzz

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