you are my peach

Starting to feel like normal again.  My body is anyway.  It’s still pretty stiff and I remember feeling like that for months and months after having Red, so no biggie.  I owe my chiro like $300 so that’s fun.  But I suppose it is worth it to run again.  It’s all been treadmill running due to ice and snow, and that is getting a bit boring.  I have ran through just about every Real Housewives season except one of OC.  Not really a fan of those broads.  Ran 7 miles at 8:02 pace and today ran 6.25 at 7:56.  That’s looking more normal.  I guess I should try speed work soon.  Yech.

Mentally I have been getting a bit down.  Not PPD down.  More like SAD down.  I need fresh air and sunlight!  I start to feel a bit like my life is …over..?  Like all the exciting stuff is over?  And I’m stuck in a job that I do like, but not sure I want to do for foreverrr.  At some point they’re going to stop giving me raises.  But I can’t find another job that will pay as much.  Being the breadwinner has its disadvantages.  One of them is not how much I get back from taxes.  I will be getting about 6500$  Two dependents and Head of Household and only my name on the mortgage.  I’m killing it.  PS I owe Target about 900$ and Discover card about 3k.  I also need to pay some doctor bills and take the dogs to the vet, and pay the aforementioned chiro.  I might even go to the dentist someday.  Add Disney trip cost to that and BOOM.  It’s gone.

Back to running… I have no goals right now.  I ran 32 miles last week.  I want to run more, but at the same time, I am tired.  Waking up at 4:30 every morning will do that ya.  I got used to running shorter and though my legs crave longer mileage, my head isn’t quite there yet.  I think it will be, come spring.  I have been going through some half marathon plans but none of them really catch my fancy.  It’s either too much mileage each day, or not enough.  Hal Higdon’s is full of 3 mile days.  Even the intermediate one.  (You) Only Faster has some plans that look too complicated.  I just want to run.  Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.  I guess I will figure something out.

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