not a finger

Day 6 of not running.  Am going mad now.  I hobbled through a 15 minute speed walk on the treadmill yesterday because it was Christmas dammit and I wanted endorphins.  Actually, today is the first day I didn’t do any workout at all.  I’ve done Jackie Warner workouts on two days, Jillian Michals kettlebells on other days, and Bob Harper one day.  And yes they do hurt my back/hips so I am taking a full rest day today.

Went to a chiro on Tuesday.  Against my better judgment, went to my sister’s friend instead of my normal lady.  She beat the hell out of me and gave me bruisers with that activator, all in the name of preventing my migraines.  I wasn’t concerned about those anyway but now that I think of it, I haven’t had one since.  Though I haven’t been at work since then either and that seems to be the cause.  My sciatica is no better, but I should have known that it wouldn’t be.  It’s not like I went to Christ Family Chiropractic.

So I am considering calling my doctor and getting some muscle relaxers.  They just might be the miracle I am praying for.

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